Mobile Loyalty Marketing: The Ultimate Way To Retain Customers

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Customer loyalty is vital for your business. According to a loyalty report, 79% of customers claim that they are more likely to continue doing business with brands that use loyalty marketing. The positive effects of loyalty marketing become stronger over time. However, with ever-changing technologies and increasing expectations, maintaining customer loyalty can be challenging. Here are a number of ways in which SMS and Rich Media Messaging (RMM) can help you to enhance your mobile loyalty marketing and retain valuable customers.

Loyalty Marketing Positive Momentum

Source: The Loyalty Report

Send Digital Loyalty Cards via Rich Media Messaging

Loyalty cards are a proven way to keep customers coming back. However, plastic branded cards usually cost around £1.50 each. This can be costly to businesses over time. By switching to digital cards via Rich Media Messaging (RMM), you can reduce your costs by over 93%. Once your customers register for your mobile loyalty program, send them a barcode. They can save this to their phone, and scan in-store to collect loyalty points each time they make a purchase.The customer can receive a reward once they have earned enough points.

RMM Rewards Card

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Achieve Higher Engagement Rates with Rich Media Messaging

While retail emails experienced lower open rates than the previous year (13.9% this year, down from 14.98% last year), the click-to-open rate of 15.2% remained higher than the 14.3% average. We all know that retail is one of the most competitive sectors and email campaigns can lead to low open rates. So, what can you do to improve your customer engagement rates and increase your online sales?

Choose Rich Media Messaging (RMM) instead of email or do an A/B testing of the same marketing campaign on mobile and email to test its effectiveness. RMM guarantees higher open and CTA rates than email, with 100% mobile optimization and full personalization.

Have a look at what one of our retail customers achieved in terms of open and CTA rates when sending a rich media message with a scratch card.

customer engagement statistics voicesage

Download FREE Infographic Engagement Statistics Rich Media Messaging vs. Email

Enhance Your Mobile Loyalty Marketing With Gamification

Gamification is a powerful way to enhance your mobile loyalty marketing and grow your business. It makes the experience 1.7x more enjoyable for customers. Track customers’ progress and use reward levels to gamify your program. For example, customers can reach different tiers depending on how much they spend each year. With Rich Media Messaging (RMM), you can notify customers of their progress to encourage them to engage with your brand. Include visuals like progress bars to motivate them to earn more benefits. You can reward a customer via RMM each time they reach a new level by:

  • Sending discount codes
  • Sending gift card barcodes to redeem in-store

Customers want to feel special, so another way to offer them a unique experience is by sending birthday promotions or surprise gifts. There is an element of excitement and mystery when you scratch a card, so why not send a virtual one? Your customers will be pleasantly surprised and you will leave a positive impression that will make you memorable.

Barcode RMM

Make Your Mobile Loyalty Marketing Accessible For All Customers

Although around 96% of Americans own a smartphone, the majority of US consumers do not download new apps often. With Rich Media Messaging (RMM), you can send messages that have the look and feel of an app, without the need to download anything. This is ideal for customers who want a more seamless digital experience without using up space on their device.

RMM Scratch Card

Send Automated Customer Discounts via SMS

Delivering discounts via SMS is a great incentive, as customers love to save money. For example, you could send an automated 10% discount code to a customer when they sign up to your loyalty program, or offer 20% off their next order when they make a purchase.

SMS Promotion

Sending personalized discounts is another great way to show loyal customers that you appreciate them. Research shows that only 20% of customers are happy with the level of personalization in their current loyalty programs. With RMM, you can create personalized messages based on your customers’ preferences. For example, why not send discount codes for specific products based on your customers’ previous purchases. They will appreciate the gesture, and will be more likely to stay loyal, spend more, and speak more highly of your brand.

Loyalty Marketing Stats

Source: The Loyalty Report 

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Published on: 27th October 2020

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