VoiceSage Customer Service Solution KPIs


Reduction in inbound calls


Increased agent productivity


Operational Costs


Score increase in customer satisfaction

81% of consumers admit that it is frustrating dealing with a brand that does not make it easy to do business with them.

VoiceSage’s communication channels help customer service teams deliver enhanced customer interactions and self-service tools that reduce operational costs. Our proactive customer service solutions help you to:

Enhance Your Optichannel Communication Strategy

Provide a single view of your optichannel communications including customer specific information.

VoiceSage enables customer service teams to interact with customers in real-time via multiple digital channels. Our customer service solutions include SMSRich Media MessagingInteractive Voice Messaging, WhatsApp for Business and Email, all cost-effective tools that achieved a high ROI and increased customer satisfaction.

Consider our communication tools for both customer service departments and your customer’s benefits. Whether the issue is to provide better self-service tools, reduce inbound call or means to automate communication, VoiceSage can solve them all.

Use Cases:

  • Provide real time agent chat functionality
  • Interact with customers easier via WhatsApp for Business by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages
  • Reduce the number of missed deliveries and appointments
  • Give customers the option to self-serve through RMM, bots, SMS, IVM
  • Two-Factor Authentication API to safeguard your data via SMS or Voice
  • Have a single view of all communication channels
  • Enhance your customer service and support with customer feedback via surveys

Customer Service Solution: Provide Self-Service Functionality

“Across industries, fully 81% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative.”

Self-service is no longer a “nice to have”. It’s a necessity to provide a positive customer experience. One of the most important ways to make your self-service tools become a valuable resource is by identifying the top reasons why customers are contacting your support team.

Do your customers have problems with their passwords? Do your customers receive delivery alerts? Do they call in to make payments or enquire about their account?

VoiceSage’s customer service solutions allow customers to self-serve 24/7 and to find the answers to their questions without having to look too hard or have technical skills.

Main Benefits:

  • Achieve 20% reduction in missed deliveries
  • Decrease inbound calls by up to 65%
  • Improve individual agent productivity by 28%
  • Guide customers with simple business workflows
  • Use automated messaging as a front line

Improve Customer Satisfaction With Surveys

More than 50% of customers prefer contacting support through text messaging compared to other channels.

Easily gather crucial data for your business operations with VoiceSage’s surveys.

With SMS having an open rate of 98% and a response rate that is 7.5x greater than email, our automated SMS and Rich Media Messaging solutions make it easier to gather customer feedback.

Customer satisfaction surveys are linked to business practices, marketing programs as well as other initiatives aimed at accomplishing customer engagement. So listen to what your customers have to say and work on strategies to retain them and improve the brand-customer communication.

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What our clients say about VoiceSage

“The main objective was to drive a significant level of response from our customers and Rich Media Messaging definitely engaged them to participate in the survey. We were truly impressed by the level of engagement we saw. There was an 8.5% response rate. This more than met our requirements for a sample size.

It proved the value and showed how important Rich Media Messaging is to us for communicating with our customers. VoiceSage are an excellent service provider. They help us to continue to give customers more of what they want and remain true to our aim of making good things easily accessible to more people.”

Helen Wakefield

CRM Lead

The Very Group

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