WhatsApp for Business API Integration

As of May 2018, 3 million businesses had signed up for WhatsApp for Business. The app is aimed at small and medium-sized business owners that want to facilitate better client-customer communication. The objective is to help businesses send out confirmations, reminders, or even tickets.

You can integrate with CRM systems, websites and messaging channels like SMS and Rich Media Messaging (RMM) to deliver a complete optichannel communication strategy. Use WhatsApp to send information about products and services, boarding pass alerts, delivery updates and confirmation, school information, payment reminder and more.

Add WhatsApp to Your Communication Channels

VoiceSage’s WhatsApp API supports two-way conversations meaning that any customer service queries can be answered to customers in the app. Companies will first need to ask their customers for permission to contact them. They can do this via SMS or RMM. For brands who use multiple communication channels, WhatsApp can be another one to add to the arsenal. Customers can then choose their preferred communication channel rather than being forced down on a particular route.

Key Benefits:

  • Verified Sender ID
  • Branded Logo
  • Company Information
  • Full end-to-end encryption
  • Rich Media
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Unlimited characters
  • GDPR compliant

WhatsApp for Business Features Rich Communications

Offer customers a more engaging experience

  • Create a business profile to make it easier for customers and other businesses to find your contact information
  • Segment customers into categories using WhatsApp’s “Labels” feature
  • Save quick replies to send canned messages for the questions you receive most frequently
  • Access analytics to measure metrics like sent, delivered, and read messages
  • Create customized, automated, rich media messages that will make the customer experience more interactive
  • Send multimedia messages without worrying about a word limit
  • Start conversations with customer QR codes
  • Share locations on a map
  • Assist customers when they need customer service or support
  • Contact more customers at once compared to text messages

WhatsApp Chatbot

VoiceSage can configure chatbots to use WhatsApp as their delivery channel

Reduce inbound calls to your contact centre by allowing the customers to self-serve on a channel they are most comfortable with through the use of chatbot type functionality.

Customers can initiate automated processes by interacting with a business’ WhatsApp number. These types of automated interactions are the perfect use case for the channel. The customer sends the initial message and kicks off an automated journey. Lastly, they can either complete their desired outcome or escalate to a real agent if they experience more complicated interactions.

WhatsApp for Business Market Segments


  • Order Confirmations
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Delivery Notifications


  • Boarding Times
  • Gate Locations
  • Delay Notifications

payment reminder whatsapp message



  • Appointment Reminders
  • Payment Notifications
  • Two Factor Authentication


  • School Information
  • Weather Warnings
  • Security Alerts

weather warning text

Helpful Tips To Use WhatsApp for Business

While our updated policy is more flexible, businesses should continue to optimize for the user experience while obtaining opt-in. For example, businesses should:

  • Explicitly call out the types of messages a person is opting into (e.g. delivery updates)
  • Avoid messaging people too frequently
  • Provide instructions for how customers can opt out and honour these requests
  • Monitor your quality rating, especially when rolling out new opt-in methods
  • As a reminder, only transactional notifications are currently allowed on the platform

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