What is Rich Media Messaging?

Rich Media Messaging (RMM) is the extended and enhanced version of an SMS. It allows companies to interact with their customers through a more engaging medium. Companies can offer a more engaged customer experience through the use of images, videos, audio, files, GIFs, documents, signature requests, and more.

Marketing departments include rich media content in their messaging campaigns to drive more sales, conversion and engagement. They can also gain an insight into their customers’ purchasing intent and level of satisfaction through highly detailed analytics provided by VoiceSage.

Send Personalized Mobile Campaigns

You can send customers personalized product recommendations, latest offers, and discount codes all via SMS. Segment recent customers and ask them to rate their experience with your brand via rich media surveys. Deliver app-like experiences via mobile and drive traffic to your site. You can initiate RMM via SMS, Email, QR codes and WhatsApp for Business and easily connect third party systems via our API .

How Can RMM Enhance Your Marketing?

Unlike emails, which can sit unopened for days or weeks, or in-store ads which rely on people physically going into stores, Rich Media Messages get delivered instantly to mobile phones. Since over 90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being received, you have more access to customers than any other communication channel.

rich media messaging for marketing mobile campaigns

Rich Media Messaging Marketing Use Cases

Order confirmation

Delivery updates

Delivery rescheduling

Discount codes

Abandoned cart messages

Surveys and feedback

Sales announcements

New product launches

Loyalty marketing programs

Rich Media Messaging Benefits

  • Achieve high open and engagement rates of up to 48%

  • Customer return to your message an average of three times within 72 hours

  • Boost conversion rates up to 25% compared to email

  • Improve customer satisfaction by 61%

  • Recover 58% of abandoned carts

  • Gain better insight into your customer behaviour through engagement analytics on a “per pixel” level

  • Create, manage, and send multi-tier campaigns via our easy to use Campaign Builder

  • Personalize messages to brand guidelines

  • Enhance overall marketing performance

What clients say about VoiceSage

“Visual Pay is resulting in increased on-time payments and reduced cost. But ultimately, this is about keeping our customers happy.” Alasdair Skeoch Head of Credit Operations BrightHouse


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