What Is Two Way SMS?

Two Way SMS messaging is the most direct and instant tool to engage with customers through personalized experiences. Deliver application to customer conversations or 1:1 agent-to-customer text messaging sessions and eliminate the need for low-value inbound queries with proactive outbound communications based on keyword triggers.

Two Way SMS Benefits

Real - Time Automated Responses

VoiceSage’s management tool gives administrators the power to manage SMS conversations and agent workloads with proactive queue rules (the same call rules that probably already exist in the contact centre). No more manual interventions, just improved customer engagement rates.

Seamless Integrations Into Existing Systems

You might already have SMS or CRM systems in place dealing with inbound communication. Our two way SMS API works with any third party software, so there’s no need for expensive development work. Contact our support team to help you integrate our tool into existing systems.

Payments, Promotions and Delivery Updates

Whether collecting a payment, scheduling delivery alerts, sending marketing messages, or following up a customer service query, two way SMS conversations deliver better responses, higher engagement rates, reduce costs and drive customer satisfaction statistics up.

What Can Two Way SMS Do for Your Business?

SMS is the most popular form of communication in the UK with text messages being read within 5 seconds of receipt. Allow customers to communicate through a channel they are comfortable with and prefer to use. To engage more effectively with customers, text is simply the best way to achieve this and the results speak for themselves:

  • 50% of customers who were unresponsive to previous contact attempts engaged in an SMS conversation
  • Two Way SMS has the same result as 30 agents and a dialler
  • One agent can manage 30+ conversations
  • One agent can handle a 6,000 contact file

two way sms text messaging

How Two Way SMS Messaging Works

Campaigns are triggered automatically from internal data systems to initiate a two way customer communication. Inbound text responses are automatically distributed in accordance with agent queue rules, all of which are set up and managed centrally by the campaign manager and monitored via the text conversations dashboard.

The Best Bits

  • Unlimited personalization within text messages
  • VoiceSage Inbox – proactive queue and agent workload management tool
  • Templated or free-form response capability with spell checker
  • Fully PCI DSS Compliant
  • Full audit trial capabilities
  • Blends with other contact approaches – voice, visual, e-mail etc.
  • Fully interactive allowing automatic re-direction – agent, payment portal, landing pages etc.
  • Real-time custom reporting
  • Seamless integration into back-office systems, where required
  • Hosted model requires no internal IT infrastructure
  • One of the most popular and accessible communication channels

two way sms