Improve Communication with Business Text Messaging

Sending business text messaging via SMS is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to communicate with a large audience due to high open rates of up to 98%. VoiceSage’s SMS service helps businesses send targeted messages at influential times to key customer segments. Whether you are sending promotional SMS, appointment reminders, order confirmation messages or payment alerts, our SMS solutions are instant and easy-to-use.

Key Benefits:

  • Use SMS services for marketing, notifications, reminders, alerts and so much more
  • SMS has a read rate of 98%, typical response rate of 90 seconds and it works on all devices
  • Proactive chatbot functionality reduces the cost of ID and Verification checks and repetitive tasks
  • Increase agent productivity using 2-way SMS allowing multiple conversations to be handled per agent
  • Create powerful communications and enable business processes by integrating with the VoiceSage open API

How Can SMS Improve Your Business Communications?

We built key features that are ideal for proactive communications.


Use Interactive SMS to deliver personalized mass notifications globally.


Used in conjunction with our Inbox, an agent can have a two-way conversation with a customer.

Opt-In & Opt-Out

Ensure you are GDPR compliant by allowing customers to opt-out of further communications if they wish.

Long, Shared & Dedicated Short Codes

Use the most appropriate type of number for your needs.

Alphanumeric CLI

Make your brand unforgettable by customizing outgoing messages with your brand’s guidelines to improve brand awareness.

ASCII, GSM and Unicode

Create SMS with emojis and other unicode characters.

SMS Length/Cost Calculator

Ensure you send the perfect length with our intuitive character monitoring tool.

Quick Send SMS

Create and send SMS campaigns without having to create templates. Choose to send to a group or individuals.

Optichannel Communication

Consolidate digital, mobile & social channels to a single platform. Deliver faster results, reduce costs and improve CX.

Business Text Messaging Use Cases

Customer Service

Connect with customers via business text messaging to decrease inbound call volumes, build customer loyalty and deliver important information in a way that provides the immediacy and interactivity that other channels can’t deliver.

Notifications & Alerts

Let customers know about service notifications via mobile without the need of internet access. Whether it’s account balances, payment reminders, order confirmation or logistical information, SMS is the simplest way to deliver the message.

Marketing & Sales

Pair SMS marketing with your other promotional channels to drive campaign effectiveness and engage with customers via different communication channels. Implement one-time-use coupons for restaurants, online retailers and stores.


Gather customer feedback and gain market research insights. Give your customers the option to respond to your messages at their most convenient time in a simple, easy manner. Analyze engagement data with our detailed analytics dashboard.


Business text messaging is crucial when sending important travel information like arrival/departure times, delays or gate changes via SMS or appointment reminders with the option to confirm, reschedule booking or speak to a customer support agent.


Build a customer database of 100% authenticated phone numbers for your business communications. Our ID and Verification (ID&V) service uses sophisticated techniques to quickly and automatically identify and verify customers.

Proactive, automated outbound contact using hosted IVM and Business Text Messaging solutions from VoiceSage.

By sending a combination of text and pre-recorded voice messages, Home Retail Group achieved the same number of customer contacts per hour as they did through their dialler system.

“The major reason we chose VoiceSage in particular is because of the ability to set up campaigns on our own – ad hoc and very quickly. With rival solutions we would have to put in a request to the service provider and wait for them to do it. We wanted the freedom that VoiceSage gives us.”

Mark Fox

Real-Time Manager, Contact Centre Department

Home Retail Group


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