How Retailers Can Boost Sales With Richer Mobile Marketing

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow and physical stores are closing around the world, retailers are turning to online sales for business continuity. According to recent data analysis, online sales revenue skyrocketed by 110% in March compared to the preceding four weeks. During these new circumstances, there are many actions that retailers can take to boost their online sales with richer mobile marketing campaigns.

Tailor Your Promotions to the Current Trends With Rich Media Messages

When planning promotions over the coming months, it is important to pay close attention to consumer behaviour. According to ACI Worldwide, there have been many changes in online sales trends this March compared to that of the previous year. These findings include:

  • 97% increase in home products and furnishings sales
  • 26.6% increase in sales of electronics
  • 44% decrease in travel sales

Therefore, if you sell products that relate to staying at home, such as electronics and furniture, you may wish to focus your promotions on these categories rather than on items relating to travel or events.

With Rich Media Messaging (RMM), you can create more engaging promotional content by incorporating media such as images and videos into your mobile marketing campaigns.

SMS web pages are quick and easy to build, and customers can conveniently access them directly through their message. This can achieve click through rates of over 60%, and removes friction from the customer journey, resulting in increased conversion rates and online sales.

Send Rich Media Surveys: Understand How Your Customers Are Feeling Right Now

During this uncertain time, it is more crucial than ever to be actively engaging and listening to your customers. However, consumers may have less patience for providing feedback than usual. It is important to only request critical, actionable information that you can utilize to benefit your customers during the current climate.

Surveys with rich media content are fully customizable, so you can include more engaging content like checkboxes, radio buttons, rating sliders, paragraph boxes, and rating faces. Consider tweaking your surveys so that they are shorter, and include some open ended questions to truly understand your customer.

Learning from your buyers will give you the knowledge to help you to grow your online sales, and adapt your business processes throughout these changing times.

richer mobile marketing Customer Survey

Richer Mobile Marketing Campaigns: Notify Customers When Items Are Back in Stock

Many companies are currently struggling to keep up with high demand as panic buying soars, which can be very frustrating to customers. Several Amazon listings are out of stock, as more and more people are shopping online.

Do your customers know when their desired items are back in stock? A great way to enhance customer satisfaction and maximise sales is to notify customers when the items they’ve been interested in come back in stock.

Many will have a wish list where they store the items. With Rich Media Messaging, retailers can send automated messages to alert customers of any restocked items from their wish list and offer the option to self-serve by completing the transaction instantly.

This can also be used if a customer abandons an item in their cart. Removing these barriers to the buyer journey not only increases online transactions, but also improves the customer experience.

richer mobile marketing Back in stock RMM

Be Transparent About Delivery Times: Send Order and Delivery SMS Notifications

During this time, communication is key, and we need to communicate more simply and clearly than ever. Online retailers, such as Amazon, are experiencing month-long delivery delays. In order to keep customers satisfied and avoid disappointment, it is crucial to remain transparent about any delivery delays and update delivery time expectations. Sending order confirmations, delivery statuses and delivery times via SMS is an effective way to keep consumers informed.

With VoiceSage’s SMS solutions, you can send an SMS alert to notify customers of the date of delivery. Though it may not be possible to provide an exact time, customers can be given a delivery time frame, such as a two-hour window. With Interactive SMS, you can also allow customers the option to confirm whether or not they’ll be available at the given time, and provide an option to reschedule. This helps to ease any frustration relating to delivery delays, and provides a better overall experience, which is paramount for retaining customers and improving online sales.

SMS Delivery

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Published on: 15th April 2020

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