What Is a SMS Chat?

VoiceSage’s SMS Chat is a powerful way to automate customer text communications. Eliminate the need for expensive agent interaction, reduce contact costs and deliver exceptional customer experiences. The power of SMS Chat also known as Two Way SMS is the ability to deploy and lead agentless SMS conversations.

From campaign conversation dashboards, design, build and deploy messages within the VoiceSage’s optichannel messaging platform. Send personalized customer text messages, where templated agent responses are mapped out in advance to correspond to a variety of customer responses.

SMS Chat Benefits

Deliver Fast Conversations

SMS is the most instant and cost-effective way of communication. 70% of customers say SMS is a good way for businesses to get their attention. Offer fast, high-quality service that increases customer engagement.

Build with Confidence and Ease

The point of SMS Chat is to make things easier and speed up customer support. Our platform allows you to define how your chat responds based on rules, transcripts, chat logs and keywords.

Increase Customer Engagement

Designed to optimize customer engagement and automate customer support, chatbots go far beyond giving responses to customers’ inquiries. You get closer to customers when you prioritize and solve their requests.

What Can SMS Chat Do for Your Business?

  • Streamline shopping experiences
  • Personalize communication
  • Improve response rates
  • Switch to other channels – voice, rich messaging, e-mail
  • Automate repetitive tasks


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What Industries Can Benefit from SMS Chat?

All industries can benefit from it. Whether it’s healthcare, retail, financial services, debt collection, housing, travel, logistics, or utilities. Here are a few use cases you can achieve with SMS Chat:


  • Short 1-4 question feedback surveys
  • Automate agent responses within a conversation
  • Low score exception handling
  • Switch to other channels or engagement, if needed


  • ID & Verification with customer data
  • No agent required for initial part of the conversation
  • Conversation brought back in and agent (voice/text) when ready to engage
  • Automate conversations fully with payment gateways


  • Fully automate delivery confirmations
  • Capture reschedule dates and times

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How to Build A SMS Chatbot with VoiceSage in 2 Steps?

  • Define your goals. What do you want your chat to do? Clearly indicate the list of functions your chatbot needs to perform.
  • Create customize and launch. Describe the algorithm of its actions, develop a database of answers, and test the work.

VoiceSage’s conversational bot solution doesn’t require development efforts or complicated integrations. We give you full compliance with your needs, control over the data, full personalization options and the possibility to make changes as you go.


The Best Bits

  • Unlimited text personalisation
  • Flexibility to mix and match between fully and/or part conversation automation
  • Ease of setup and deployment
  • Seamless channel shift where required – voice, visual, e-mail
  • Fully interactive allowing automatic redirection – agent, payment portal, landing pages etc.
  • VoiceSage Inbox – proactive queue and agent workload management tool (for required live agent transfers)
  • Fully PCI DSS Compliant
  • Full audit trail capabilities
  • Real-time custom reporting
  • Seamless integration into back-office systems, where required
  • Hosted model requires no internal IT infrastructure

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