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What is your price?

Pricing will be determined by type of product or solutions, geographical location and volumes, which our sales team is happy to discuss with you further.

Contact sales@voicesage.com for more information or inquiries about pricing.

What’s your platform like?

VoiceSage cloud-based messaging products and services deliver more than 2 million messages a day. In the UK alone, more than 44 million individual phones have received a VoiceSage message at some time.

Experience the power of improving customer engagement and communications by booking a FREE demo today.

Do you offer SMS services?

Yes! We cater for all your SMS needs, from two ways SMS, SMS payments, surveys, bots, promotional campaigns and more.

Get in touch with sales@voicesage.com to find out what we can do for your business.

Do you have SMS marketing examples?

Our Home Retail Group case study gives you a real world example of how they use our SMS and Interactive Voice services to save time by reducing inbound and outbound calls and make things simpler improving customer satisfaction.

Check out these 16 Essential SMS Marketing Tips Examples.

Find out 12 SMS Text Message Marketing Statistics That Will Surprise You.

Do you offer Rich Communication Services (RCS)?

We don’t have RCS service available yet, but we’re planning for the near future.

What is Rich Media Messaging (RMM)?

Rich Media Messaging (RMM) is the latest advancement of SMS, being an asset to marketing. It provides greater interaction, increased calls-to-action and trackability. VoiceSage offer a great range of Rich Media Messaging catering to departments like Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, Debt Collection, Operations and more.

Find out more information about RMM or alternatively contact sales@voicesage.com.

Do you have examples of Rich Media Messaging (RMM)?

If you would like to see a real-world application of RMM, check out our Shop Direct case study where they improved customer experience and engagement through surveys and IVM.

Also, feel free to download our Rich Media Blueprint to Engaging Mobile Messaging eBook to gain more insight.

Do you have WhatsApp integration?

Integration with WhatsApp is coming!

In the meantime, check out our resources about WhatsApp for Business: How to Get Started.

What are call centre improvement strategies?

VoiceSage can transform your contact centre strategy, making it proactive and more efficient. Check out our Contact Centre page to see how you can reduce inbound contact rate and improve customer satisfaction.

Also, you can start learning How to Develop a Complete Contact Centre Strategy.

Can I have a FREE trial?

Contact us to find out more about your requirements and get your account set-up for a free trial.

Login issues?

Please get in touch with support@voicesage.com if you have any queries regarding logging into the platform.

Do you have API integration?

Sure, check out our Developer API page to learn more.

Do you integrate with payment systems?

VoiceSage integrates with 4 payment systems: Stripe, Global Payments, PaySafe, PayPal Encoded.

What are your accreditations?

ISO 27001 Certification Europe. PCI-DSS level 1

Do you have any information on GDPR?

GDPR is top priority here at VoiceSage. Please find more details here: https://www.voicesage.com/news/voicesage-and-gdpr-compliance/.

Published on: 20th May 2019

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