Mobile Marketing Solutions for Retailers

The Golden Quarter has officially started and is widely seen as the most lucrative time of the year for the majority of retailers. Find our how retailers can attract and engage shoppers through mobile experiences while managing the cost of staying competitive.

Targeted and personalized messaging is most intimate and relevant when delivered via text, which therefore receives the highest open rates compared to other mobile marketing methods. VoiceSage helps marketing teams elevate their SMS campaigns with richer content such as images, videos, and feedback forms that has see an increase in conversion rates and collected richer analytics.

Drive Higher Conversions with Retail Mobile Marketing Solutions

Retailers can create a perfect browsing experience that will drive higher conversion rates with richer mobile marketing journeys. We work with companies and brands such as the Very Group, Canon Cameras, John Lewis and global beverage companies. You can:

  • achieve contact with 100% with your customers
  • increase conversion rates by 25%

Reduce Customer Churn

There are many advertising channels you can use to compete for your customer’s attention, but mobile marketing adds a personalized, instant touch. A text offering the experience of a landing page to remind customers of a sale or to thank them for their loyalty goes a long way and can reduce customer churn by c. 10%.

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Richer Analytics

VoiceSage’s reports include richer analytics that allow you to gain better insight into customer behaviour —such as open, engagement, click through rates at a per person interaction level. By analysing data from conversation reports and by knowing what actions your customers took and what they were most interested in, you are in a better place to improve the outcomes of your campaigns and understand your audience better.


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What clients say about VoiceSage

Our Rich Media Messaging solution improved response rates and increase customer engagement significantly.

“It proved the value and showed how important Rich Media Messaging is to us for communicating with our customers. VoiceSage are an excellent service provider. They help us to continue to give customers more of what they want and remain true to our aim of making good things easily accessible to more people.”

Helen Wakefield

CRM Lead