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Metrics Achieved Using VoiceSage


Reduction in inbound calls


Open Rate


Reduction in operational costs


Score increase in customer satisfaction

Brands enjoying better efficiency with VoiceSage

Streamlining outbound customer contact and directing outcomes with VoiceSage

Contact Centre

Inevitably, contact centres need to provide inbound and outbound capability. The problem is, inbound is reactive and often unstructured and unpredictable. How do you change the balance and optimize the workflow so it’s less reactive and your agents more productive?

VoiceSage lets call centre managers transform outbound communication strategies by adopting a proactive approach, pre-empting the inbound calls which create spikes in demand and feed inefficiency.

When you’ve got calls backed up, it might seem a bit like you are under siege. VoiceSage maximizes outbound call centre activity to get your operations on the front foot.

Credit Collections

As part of a strategic approach to reducing credit risk exposure, VoiceSage lets businesses increase promises to pay and collections, and reduce customer arrears. Our rich, branded outcome oriented messaging, and API integration with payment gateways drives increased revenue collection.

When you’ve got to improve operational collections performance, VoiceSage lets credit risk controllers and collections managers significantly increase collection and RPC rates when compared with diallers.

If your business needs to reduce the provision for bad debt and increase working capital to re-invest in developing new products or services, VoiceSage improves the returns from collection activities, smooths payment processes and provides a better customer experience.


On its own, one failed delivery may not amount to much. But cumulatively over extensive multi-drop logistics operations, the cost of missed deliveries and collections piles up, representing an unacceptable inefficiency.

VoiceSage allows logistics operations to aim for a ‘first-time, every-time’ approach, by improving first-time delivery success rates and reducing instances of failed collection.

When you find yourself faced with improving efficiency, VoiceSage lets logistics managers introduce new delivery and drop-off options that reduce package RTB, minimizing failed delivery rates by providing the flexibility to pre-arrange delivery.

Direct Marketing

Customer acquisition is a costly and time consuming activity. So, maximizing the value of the existing database by marketing to it more efficiently to increase customer lifetime value is an absolute necessity.

VoiceSage allows brands to up-sell and cross-sell more effectively to existing customers. Stimulate new lines of sales enquiries and create opportunities to keep contact centre inside sales agents productive and generating value.

VoiceSage supports marketing campaigns by delivering brand-led outbound messaging that’s conversion-focused, with strong and clear transactional CTAs. Transactions are seamlessly completed through software automation, letting your brand leverage the API economy.

VoiceSage Products

Customized deployment to meet your needs

Interactive Voice

Proactive, outbound voice messaging

  • Voice remains a preferred channel for immediate, real-time responses
  • Reduce inbound call volumes with pre-emptive outbound campaigns
  • Assign agents to higher level, more demanding customer care issues


Send and Receive Smarter Texts with VoiceSage

  • Agent to customer, one-off notifications, or customer journey bots
  • Blend with other channels including voice, email, and multi media
  • Seamless integration into existing systems, where required

Rich Media Messaging

Create dynamic, app-like content and send directly to customers

  • The functionality of RCS, available on all networks, smartphones, and regions
  • Achieve high engagement and click through rates
  • Simple to create and deploy with a drag and drop interface

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Connect to your preferred payments platform

  • API connectivity to leading payment gateways
  • Integrated with rich text and touch messaging for self-service payment
  • Open Banking – ready for next-gen financial services

Internet of Things

Beacons & geofencing

  • Location-based messaging triggered by customer proximity to beacon
  • Detect and send messages to Bluetooth devices
  • Deliver messaging for special offers for instore customers

How clients use VoiceSage

Express Gifts

Express Gifts

Express Gifts provides a personal and home shopping service to around 1.6m customers annually, through direct marketing and online channels.

They use VoiceSage’s API technology to integrate their customer contact systems and provide a deliver customer experience.

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Blogs and guides

News, opinion and solution guides for organizations operating contact centres

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What clients say about VoiceSage

Vanquis Bank
“Customer engagement is near ‘jaw-dropping’. They are impressed and surprised at our speed of response. Sometimes technology can hinder what you’re trying to do, but VoiceSage is a real enabler.” Jim Apleby Head of Credit Operations Vanquis Bank

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