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Create and send personalised voice messages that are enabled for automated customer interactions

Automate an entire interaction with self-serve options – or add instant transfers to connect customers directly to agents to continue the conversation. Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) is an effective, proactive contact channel widely used as a part of an omnichannel strategy.

Why Interactive Voice Messaging?

A Preferred Channel

Today customers have an array of contact options available to them – e-mail, sms, web chat, etc. Even so, phone calls account for 70% of inbound contact. Voice still remains a preferred channel for immediate, real-time responses.

Immediate Agent Connections

IVM is the perfect solution for proactive customer contact, managing inbound calls and connecting ‘ready to talk’ customers to the right agents. The ability to offer an immediate connection to a live agent who is available right now is a powerful offer.

Easy Workflow Creation

Quickly develop suitable levels of interaction into your workflows. Customer keypad input responses can guide customers to take particular actions, such as an invitation to self-serve or present dynamic options based on the customer’s choices. Automate low level interactions for maximum efficiency.

  • Reduce inbound call volumes with pre-emptive outbound campaigns
  • Manage contact patterns to match agent resources and training
  • Assign agents to higher level, more demanding customer care issues
  • Increase Right Person Contact and First CR Rate with key pad input and ID verification

What clients say about VoiceSage Interactive Voice Messaging

“Customers really appreciate getting up-to-date, accurate information about things like delivery time or engineer visits, it really ups their appreciation of a brand and its service.

There’s also the cut in costs. VoiceSage is really helping reducing overhead.

It’s a great, very powerful offering. We’re very happy to be working with VoiceSage.” Michael Cheng Quality Insight & Strategy Manager Capita


Skills-Based Agent Routing

Transfer live customers to the right agent using pre-screening questions

Alerts & Notifications

Send automated account alerts, dispatch notifications or reminders.

Eliminate Silent Calls

Superior answer machine detection.

API – CRM integration

Use CRM data as source and update with information from VoiceSage.

Reduced Agent Handling Times

Dial the right customer at the right time.

Dynamic workflows

Rules engine routes calls efficiently for a smoother customer journey at each contact.

Voice Survey

Capture real-time feedback. Trigger actions based on scoring results, such as automated call-back.

Local CLI display numbers.

Display your brand’s locality and identity

Automated Right Party Verification

Use custom data to verify identify; no more repetition of information

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