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Application to Person and two-way agent-to-customer messaging, interactive automated customer-journey bots, one off notifications, and promotional campaigns.

SMS messaging is the world’s preferred method of digital communication. Around 84% of the human race send and receive SMS. For businesses struggling with contact and conversion rates, it is becoming the foundation of an effective customer engagement strategy.

Connecting with customers via interactive text messaging drives up contact rates, builds customer loyalty and delivers rich media content in a way that provide the immediacy and interactivity that other channels can’t. This can be achieved through traditional bulk SMS, or the the latest in Auto SMS.

50% of customers who were unresponsive to previous contact attempts engaged in an SMS conversation. In the contact centre, SMS Conversation campaigns can yield the same result as 30 agents and a dialler.

Why SMS?

Application to Person & Agent Conversations

Eliminate the need for costly inbound calls with one-to-one agent customer text messaging, and reduce the number of agents required to run a campaign. Agents using SMS rather than dialing can save over 70% compared to the phone channel.

Interactive Customer Journey Bots

Move beyond bulk SMS. Automate outbound campaigns and inbound interactions to focus on tougher customer challenges. Using the an interactive SMS workflow creator, set up text message conversations via a series of questions and pre-defined response options. Include dynamic content that triggers payments, ID verification or agent call-back.

SMS Notifications

Simple, outbound one-way bulk text messaging. Perfect for informative notifications and updates. Send customers delivery information, out of stock notices, emergency updates, heartfelt thank you notes, and more. Easy to set up, easy to deploy and keeps customers satisfied, in-the-know, and up-to-date.

  • Use keywords such ‘PAY’ or ‘CALL ME’ trigger interactions in the workflow
  • Blend with other channels including voice, email, and multi media
  • Verify user Identification with one-off authorisation codes
  • Seamless integration into back-office systems, where required
  • Authorise payments with secure PCI compliant technology

What clients say about VoiceSage Text

“The huge benefit is that we can proactively contact customers en masse without impacting the front line. VoiceSage is a very affordable and measurable solution.

We can pay as we go, which helps us calculate the cost of campaigns and is really helpful from a business case point of view. We also get a lot of support whenever we’re trying something new.”
Mark Fox Contact Centre Real Time Manager Home Retail Group



Real-time custom reporting on all campaign KPIs

Rich Media Delivery

Use SMS as a delivery method for multimedia within the platform.


Full audit trail capabilities with ISO and PCI compliance

API & CRM integrations

Integrate with third party systems, such as diallers, and CRMs.

Personalisation Codes

Unlimited custom fields for numeric and text personalisation

Dynamic workflows

Rules engine routes calls efficiently for a smoother customer journey at each contact.


Transfer to payment gateways within the VoiceSage system

Local CLI display numbers.

Display your brand’s locality and identity

Automated Right Party Verification

Use custom data to verify identify; no more repetition of ID

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