What Our Clients Say About VoiceSage

“The new messaging system was so well received by SSE’s customers that they are requesting to opt-in for future communications. The Rich Media Messaging solution vastly improved SSE’s customer experience by offering new, innovative and easy ways to pay.”

Graham Wheeler, Collections Manager

Improve Payment Collections

Did you know that over 70% of non-direct debit customers request that payments and arrears are made through VoiceSage as opposed to calling in contact centres or using online portals?

Improve payment rates while preserving a high standard of customer service and satisfaction with our SMS collection solutions. Rich messaging allows you to add images, videos, and other media to your payment reminders, making them more eye-catching and engaging. Plus, you can use Rich Messaging to track whether or not your reminders are being seen and read.

Simplify Payment Processes

Our mobile payments solutions allow you to send advance payment notifications, allowing customers to set up customized payment plans that suit their needs and make one off payment all through SMS. Our solutions are a quick win because:

  • Integrate with your existing payment processors
  • No engineering is required. Get up and running in 2 days
  • There are no changes to your reconciliation or cash management processes

Improve Cashflow

VoiceSage’s clients improved their cashflow by decreasing late payments and arrears. Here are some of the results our clients achieved with our solutions:

  • 70% reduction in outbound calls
  • 40% increase in payment rates
  • 30% decrease in arrears

Learn how VoiceSage helped SSE reduce their collection calls and lowered their overhead while increasing their collection rates and customer satisfaction scores.

Speak to our team about improving collections with mobile payments


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