AutoTriage Solution

VoiceSage provides an easy to use AutoTriage, which is based on our SMS product and does not require the end user to install any apps or special software. The AutoTriage service can be triggered via a mass-broadcast, an end-user scanning a QR code or an end-user texting a specific number.

patient triage solution sms


Patient Survey

The system will then automatically start to ask the end user questions (e.g., what is your temperature? Are you coughing? Do you know how long to wash your hands for?) and will have a set range of expected answers. Based on the answers, the end-user will move through a ‘decision tree’ which determines what question will be asked next.

patient triage survey mobile

Keep Patients Informed

The end-points of the branches on the tree can send specific Rich Media Messages to the end-user with appropriate content. This could include instructional videos, or a more detailed questionnaire to determine if hospitalization is required. All responses are logged and can be downloaded via CSV export, sent via SFTP or consumed via an API.

patient triage phone consultation

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