What is Rich Media Messaging (RMM)?

Rich Media Messaging (RMM) is a messaging service that adds a richer experience compared to SMS communication by offering rich media content through personalized mobile journeys with the ability for customers to self-serve.

All industries can benefit from incorporating rich media content in their messages to drive more proactive and actionable communication. By adjusting the types of messages, companies from retail, marketing, financial services, utilities, travel and logistics can increase collection rates, improve customer engagement and increase operational efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Achieve click through rates in excess of 60%, with an increase in conversion rates of 39%
  • Gain better insight into your customer behaviour through engagement analytics at a “per pixel” level
  • Create, manage and send multi-tier campaigns via our easy to use, no code Campaign Builder
  • Initiate messages via SMS, Email, QR codes and WhatsApp for Business
  • Create powerful communications and enable business processes by integrating with VoiceSage’s open API

How Can RMM Enhance Your Business?

We built key features to help you drive higher conversions and efficiency.

Payment Blocks

Support secure online payments via: PayPal, Stripe, PaySafe, Global Payments, etc. We have integrated with their Hosted Payment Solutions.

Rich Content

Fully customizable branding, logos, fonts etc. Video and image carousel available. Personalize call-to-action buttons for bigger impact.

Image/File Upload

Ensure a customer can upload an image or file via their camera or from their documents via the RMM. Perfect for the insurance industry or energy providers.

APP Stores

Sell your app via the RMM on the App Store or Google Play with a short customer journey.

Signature Blocks

Ensure a customer can submit a signature if required. Perfect for the insurance industry.


We support chatbot functionality directly from the rich media message.

QR & Barcode Generator

Provide better customer experiences by generating QR codes and barcodes for coupons, loyalty cards, event passes and in-store credit.

API & CRM Integration

Easily integrate with any third party service providers such as chatbots and CRM via VoiceSage's RESTful API.

Optichannel Communication

Consolidate digital, mobile & social channels to a single platform. Deliver faster results, reduce costs and improve CX.

Rich Media Messaging (RMM) Use Cases

Customer Service

RMM is changing how businesses interact with their customers. It’s easier than ever to give customers the information they need, in a timely manner, while making customer service teams more efficient.


Reduce missed deliveries, provide real-time updates to customers and reduce costs with automated rich media messages. Let your customers know about order confirmation, system changes, account balances, and more.

Payment Collection

Automate payments reminders, inform clients of debt at an early stage with RMM. By offering self-service options with richer customer journeys, debt collectors make recovery processes cost effective and faster.


Surveys are great to capture customer feedback. Create and send your customers fully customized and engaging surveys using features like rating sliders, paragraph boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and rating faces.


Ensure a customer does not miss an important date or appointment by using the “save the date” feature from our Campaign Builder. It will automatically create a calendar entry on the customer's handset.

Marketing & Sales

Embed high quality multimedia in your mobile message that ensures higher conversions and ROI. Increase sales through up-sell and cross-sell strategies with promotional marketing campaigns.

Helping The Very Group continue its track record of adapting to consumer and technology trends

Our Rich Media Messaging solution improved response rates and increase customer engagement significantly.

“It proved the value and showed how important Rich Media Messaging is to us for communicating with our customers. VoiceSage are an excellent service provider. They help us to continue to give customers more of what they want and remain true to our aim of making good things easily accessible to more people.”

Helen Wakefield

CRM Lead

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