Faster Processes with Barcodes in Rich Media Messaging

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We are constantly upgrading our products and services with engaging features and the most recent addition is the new barcode functionality. This function helps enterprises across different industry sectors automate, simplify and speed up regular processes to differentiate customer service and reduce operational costs.

There is added value in terms of increased speed and reduced costs when scanning barcodes directly from a mobile device. With VoiceSage’s new barcode feature it’s easy to save the barcode to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay to have it ready when you need it.

Depending on different types and applications, barcodes can be extremely valuable in increasing productivity. We have identified a few interesting ways of using barcodes in your rich media campaigns that will improve customer engagement for your customers:

1. Barcodes for Event, Travel and Movies

Barcodes can be used in admission tickets in movie theatres and other events to uniquely identify and verify the validity of the ticket before the customer can enter the theatre or the event. They’re also used to count sales generated from events and makes it a lot more convenient to keep track of revenue. Sending tickets via Rich Media Messaging with barcodes to customers costs event organizers less than to spend money producing the actual paper tickets.

Similarly, with the use of online booking systems for travelling by plane, trains, and buses, travellers can show the barcode containing their boarding passes information using their smart phones.

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2. Barcodes for Membership Renewals

Fast, targeted communication and a simplified membership experience helps bring you closer to your members and creates value for everyone involved with your organization.

Many membership organizations are looking to invest in barcode technology due to its environmental and sustainability factors.

Plastic cards have a limited lifespan before they expire and are replaced with updated ones. Moreover, PVC which is mostly used in the manufacturing of these cards isn’t the most environmentally friendly plastic. Price is also another important factor to consider. The cost for a branded digital plastic card is usually around £1.5. For a big membership organization, this can be very costly and inefficient considering that cards will ultimately need to be replaced.

barcodes plastic cards

Source: Plastic card vendor quote

Big organizations like National Trust which has over 6 million members have adopted the digital route by investing in a branded app for acquiring and renewing membership cards that allow members to enter different locations.

But not many people are in the favour of downloading and using apps. Oftentimes, customers with membership apps struggle with the barcode scanning. When scanning a client’s digital membership barcode off a digital device (like an iPhone), a CCD (linear/area image-based scanner) or a hybrid scanner is required. A standard laser scanner will not allow you to scan your clients in.


Source: Recent review of the National Trust App

So, is there a better solution for membership organization to adopt? Consider our Rich Media Messaging solution to eliminate both paper and plastic from your spending routine. You can generate barcodes instantly and they can always be accessed via mobile devices.
The cost for a rich media message is £0,10. Compared to the cost of £1.5 for a plastic card, this is a more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly option to consider.

3. Advertising

We tap, swipe, and click on our phones 2,617 times per day. There is no wonder that advertisers will always find ways of increasing awareness of products and promotions via mobile advertising. They find barcode technology a lot more interactive, interesting and creative way to reach out to customers.

Barcodes can be used by retailers in mobile messaging to help deepen their relationship with customers by providing them with instant access to promotional offers that they can redeem in store. They offer instant gratification and they don’t need to install apps or remember URLs for later use.

If you offer loyalty programs as part of your marketing strategy, start thinking about Rich Media Messaging campaigns. They are designed to encourage customers to shop, reap rewards schemes, including in banking, entertainment, hospitality, retailing and travel.

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Use our intuitive Campaign Builder to simply drag and drop the barcode into the design of your Rich Media Messaging campaign. 2 clicks and you’re ready to go!

Use barcode text messaging campaigns for:

  • Sending our promotions
  • Collecting mobile loyalty points
  • Getting access to venues and events
  • Renewing membership
  • Confirming deliveries
  • Controlling inventory and stock
  • Confirm and rescheduling appointments

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Published on: 24th March 2020

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