Empower Customers with Mobile Meter Reading

VoiceSage’s mobile meter reading solution enables customers to submit their readings via tailored rich messages. A mobile meter reading eliminates the manual data errors, improves billing accuracy, and reduces the time needed to get the readings. All you have to do is point the mobile device at the meter and it will start scanning. It works on any smartphone and it’s easy and more cost-effective than traditional meter reading techniques.

Scan Utility Meters on Your Smartphone Anywhere & Anytime: How It Works

  1. Create a fully personalized rich message

  2. Send the message to your customer database

  3. The customer opens the message and is asked to take a photo of the meter

  4. Point camera and the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) adds the reading and a photo for back-up

  5. Verify that both numbers are the same and submit

Scan To See Mobile Meter Reading RMM In Action

mobile meter reading solution voicesage

Mobile Meter Reading Main Benefits

By minimising customer effort and adopting a proactive mobile solution, you can greatly improve customer experiences.

  • No data entry errors
  • No app required
  • Improves cash flow
  • Respects social distancing guidelines
  • Increases five fold in meter reads submission
  • Location and connection independent
  • Instant verification of image
  • Reads analogue and digital displays
  • Cost effective meter reading solution
  • Improves billing accuracy