Detailed Reporting & Analytics

We provide you with reports and granular data to help you make more informed decisions.

Built-In Security & Compliance

Security is very important to us. VoiceSage is fully compliant in its PCI DSS certification.

We Handle Your Do-Not-Call List

Your built-in Opt-Out/Do-Not-Call List keeps track of anyone who does not wish to be contacted.

Simplify Appointments with Automated Reminder Calls

Many consumers prefer to receive automated reminder calls to notify them of upcoming appointments because it’s less intrusive. Using VoiceSage’s Interactive Voice Messaging solution will save you and your staff from unproductive, time-consuming tasks such as dialling groups of contacts, waiting for calls to be picked up, and repeatedly leaving messages on answering machines.

Choose a proactive outbound strategy for automated reminder calls to ensure that your messages are delivered in a consistent and professional way. You can also add the option to transfer to an agent. Contacts simply press a number on their keypad to be connected to your receptionist so that they can set, confirm, or change an appointment.

Automated reminders calls can:

  • Reduce the number of missed appointments
  • Increase patient or client satisfaction rates
  • Help grow the revenue of a medical office or a company

automated reminder call payment

Automated Reminder Calls for Debt Collection

Research from Intuit QuickBooks indicates that UK firms waste about 56.4 million hours pursuing overdue payments each year.

With automated calls companies can schedule payment reminders at certain intervals, such as 30 days before and then two days before a loan payment is due. If the payment isn’t made, agents can send missed-payment reminders too.

Send payment reminders via outbound calls to allow the customer to self-serve at his own convenient time without interrupting his customer journey. Compared with the traditional dialling systems, VoiceSage’s voice messaging and SMS automated payment reminders have:

  • Delivered a higher rate of conversions of ‘promises to pay’
  • Required 60% fewer agent resources because of automatically generated messages
  • Allowed contact centre operatives to be redeployed to support customers in other areas

The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Calls

An inbound call is one that a customer initiates to the call centre. Some contact centres handle either outbound or inbound calls exclusively. Others, referred to as blended call centres, deal with a combination of the two.

Inbound and outbound calls require different types of technology and different agent strategies. VoiceSage offers outbound calling solutions which is a very effective channel if you are looking to lower inbound call volumes, focus on high priority calls and deliver essential information to your customers instantly and automatically.

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