Handset Reach

Did you know that only aprox. 20% of devices are RCS capable today? To interest businesses in rich messaging while handset coverage is growing, messaging companies need a rich messaging fallback solution. Our Rich Media Messaging Fallback solution provides your company with that capability without capex investment or software development time.

Flexible Business Model

Rich Media Messaging Fallback expands your ability to offer rich messaging to your customers. Our business model is based on mutual success, with revenue sharing on the price difference you charge between SMS and RCS messages.

Simple Integration

Integration can be done via our RESTful API which is quick and seamless. Our Rich Media Campaign Builder is very intuitive and easy to use, without requiring coding experience. We support integration to all AI platforms via webhook.

VoiceSage's RMM Fallback Solution

Our RMM Fallback solution allows messaging companies worldwide to expand RCS business messaging campaigns that can reach all smartphones – without additional development or capital investment.

“Handset coverage is the single biggest challenge the industry faces in making RCS take off.” Product Director, Global top 10 Business Messaging company

Rich Media Messaging provides the same functionality of RCS out-of-the-box and more. We can provide you with a consistent interoperable messaging service across all mobile devices, networks, and regions. And no costly in-house development work is needed. The pay-per-use pricing model overheads are predictable, and affordable.

RCS Rich Media Messaging Fallback features

RCS – Rich Media Messaging Fallback Demo

Globally there are around 800 mobile phone networks and so far, just 65 of them have adopted RCS messaging.

Business customers are excited by the potential of RCS to drive better customer engagement, higher sales conversion, cost reductions in appointment management, customer support and other use cases, but are frustrated by the low numbers of RCS-capable devices in the market.

VoiceSage’s Rich Media Messaging (RMM) is the perfect fallback for non-RCS-capable users. Instead of a plain SMS,  users receiving an RMM have an identical experience and functionality to RCS-capable users, delivering the same outcomes.

Build the message on our builder and use our simple API integration to deliver the RMM version of the RCS message when the customer’s device, network or operating system does not support RCS messaging.

VoiceSage's RMM Fallback as a B2B Solution for Aggregators and CPaaS Companies

VoiceSage is proud to be the first company to offer its RMM fallback solution to other Aggregators and CPaaS companies. How can messaging companies broaden the reach of RCS, convince brands to roll campaigns out and compete with larger companies’ rich message fallback solution? VoiceSage can help with:

  • RMM platform delivers 100% of RCS functionality plus additional features
  • Access to RMM Rich Messaging fall-back functionality via an API
  • RMM messages – based on embedded URLs in SMS + personalized landing pages
  • White-labelled RMM Cloud Campaign Builder: rapidly build RCS emulators or enable your customers to build their own
  • Chatbot compatible
  • Proven click-through rates of >50%
  • Rich engagement data and reporting

RCS Rich Media Messaging Fallback

RMM Fallback Features

Simple, rapid reach expansion

  • 6 to 10x reach vs RCS alone
  • Supported on all smartphones
  • 90% open-rate, 56% click-through rate

Full support of all RCS features

  • Fully customizable branding, logos, fonts etc.
  • Video and image carousel available
  • Personalized call-to-action buttons

Seamless Chatbot Integrations

  • Deliver omnichannel reach from chatbots
  • Full AI chatbot integration
  • Support JSON and webhooks

Ease of integration

  • Straightforward RESTful API
  • White-labelled drag and drop message builder
  • Utilizes messaging companies own SMS services

Development Roadmap

  • Single builder exporting RCS and RMM
  • Integration with VoiceSage chatbot functionality


  • Customer journey through messages
  • Chatbot activity tracking
  • Data Lake access for custom reports

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