What is Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM)?

VoiceSage‘s IVM service is a great way for contact centres to improve first time resolutions and contact center call avoidance. By automating entire interactions with self-serve options, your customers can quickly make a payment, complete a call to action, carry out surveys, confirm ID&V with the ability to speak to an agent when or where required.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase right person contact rate by an average of 65%, whilst reducing operational costs
  • Automate and reduce cost of simple, repetitive actions such as taking payments, sending information notifications or providing common support functions by over 35%
  • Allow customers to self-serve while reducing costs and increasing overall customer satisfaction scores
  • Manage call routing through a simple UI, no coding required
  • Create powerful communications and enable business process by integrating with VoiceSage’s open API

How Can IVM Enhance Your Contact Centre?

We built key features to help you deal with inbound calls efficiently.


Quick and easy way to create a personalized voice message. Perfect for notifications, reminders, surveys, and payments.


Ensure you are GDPR compliant by transcribing voice conversations to text. Ideal for human and machine transcription.

Collect Payments

Easily integrate with a PSP for MOTO transactions 24/7 365 days to complete payments in an affordable and secure manner.

Multilingual Support

Effectively respond to a diverse customer base by enabling them to engage in their primary language.

Voice Recording

Create the ideal, personalized caller experience using a natural human voice.

Call Flow

Route calls to an appropriate department or agent at the press of a button. Allow customers to reschedule calls at a convenient time for them.

Agent Whisper

Create a superior customer experience by providing an agent with the relevant call information before they are connected to the customer.

Integrates With Existing Systems

Build our voice solutions into your existing phone systems via our API.

IVR Connections

Connect with 3rd party apps to deliver the complete solution. Create encoded payment journeys for your customers.

Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) Use Cases

Inbound Calls

Design and implement routing call flows without the need for coding to deliver the most intricate customer journeys. Decrease inbound calls, improve first contact resolution and the efficiency of your contact centre with our advanced IVM system.

Notifications & Alerts

Send customers automated account alerts, one-time password messages, dispatch and confirmation messages. Notifications via IVM prevent overdrawn accounts, fraudulent activity, fines and shut offs. Allow customers to respond when and where required.

Payment Collection

Inform customers of balances and due payments. Use IVM to connect customers to an agent or use self-serve options to make payments. We are PCI DCC Level 1 compliant so customers can validate their identity, and pay in a secure manner.


Deliver automated surveys to gather valuable customer feedback on recent purchases, services or agent interactions. By letting customers give feedback at a convenient time for them and through a self-serve option increases response rates and customer satisfaction.


Provide automated appointment reminders via IVM that allows people to confirm or re-schedule. Perform customer validation and identification before interacting with your existing booking system. The option for customers to receive SMS confirmation is available.


Our ID and Verification (ID&V) service via Interactive Voice Messaging uses sophisticated techniques to quickly and automatically identify and verify customers. Present caller information and verification status to reduce call handling time and the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Vanquis Bank Increase Payment Rates & Customer Engagement With VoiceSage's Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM)

Automated voice and SMS enabled by VoiceSage converted more late-stage ‘promises to pay’ to completed transactions – and with 60% less agent resource.

“We’ve just started using this capability and it has been exceptionally well received by our customers over the last few months. Customers can engage with us by text, or can text back ‘talk’ and we will ring them back for free.”

Jim Appleby, Head of Credit Operations, Vanquis Bank

Payment Providers We Integrate With

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