Documentation Challenges in Insurance and Banking

Documentation is important to every insurance claim file to ensure a proper outcome. Insurers need hard facts on damages, coverage, and liability and it’s critical they receive all of these in a timely and secure manner.

Banks and financial services also struggle with document management. Financial services providers spend approximately $12 billion on direct marketing annually. The adoption of new channels and technologies has contributed to a fragmentation in how documents are received and recorded. Much of our day-to-day communication is done via mobile, so why not make the shift to less expensive, metric-rich, instant digital channels?

Secure Document Upload/Download with Rich Media Messaging

While maintaining the confidentiality and security of a letter, Rich Media Messaging provides the ability to upload or download a document securely. This can be an image or a PDF without the need of installing an app.

Compared to a direct mail delivery, VoiceSage’s proactive communication is done via SMS which is faster and more engaging. The messages can be personalized with unique URL, logo, images and other branding options which give you the ability to create fully personalized experiences for your customers to increase conversions, response rates and engagement.

What Industries Can Use Rich Media Messaging for Documentation?

The document upload/download feature via Rich Media Messaging can be used by any highly regulated business in any industry that wants to send/receive formal documents containing personal information in a faster, cost-effective way.

  • Insurance companies can use it for sending slips, cover notes, contracts, policies, certificates or any other insurance documents.
  • Healthcare providers can use it for sending critical information to mobile devices, releasing patients of anxiety and stress.
  • Financial services can use RMM for balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, invoices, bills, user guides and more.
  • Debt collection agencies can instantly verify customers’ identity before sending important, sensitive financial documentation.
  • Utility companies can now enable customers to submit their meter readings via Rich Media Messaging. Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, the customers can take a picture of their reader to get the most accurate reading and send it instantly to their utility provider, making the billing process more efficient and accurate.
  • Real estate agencies can quickly send tenancy contracts, buyer’s agent agreement, home inspection reports, title insurance policy and more to their mobile devices for immediate signature and safe keeping.

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