How Insurance Companies Can Streamline Their Digital Communications With Mobile Messaging

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Are you embracing digital transformation to keep up with customer expectations? Research shows that 90% of executives in the insurance industry claim to have a long-term, coherent strategy in place for technology innovation. A more recent report states that due to Covid-19, a whopping 96% of companies say they have accelerated their digital communication transformation. In light of this, let’s explore a number of ways in which VoiceSage‘s mobile messaging can help insurance companies streamline their digital communications.

Send and Receive Insurance Documentation via Mobile Messaging

Send and Receive Insurance Documentation via Mobile Messaging

Do you want to receive documentation quickly and securely? While traditional methods such as direct mail can take days, sending documentation through mobile messaging is almost instantaneous. It’s also much more cost effective than print, as the average price of printing a coloured A4 document in the UK is between 75p and £1.50. With Rich Media Messaging (RMM), insurance providers can easily send PDFs straight to their customer’s phone. This is ideal for sending files such as personal policies, letters, and forms. Likewise, if you require additional documents from a customer in relation to a claim or application, you can send them an RMM. Thanks to our document upload feature, customers can attach files straight from their phone folder or camera, and submit them directly via the message.

Remind Customers About In-Branch Appointments

Appointment Reminder

How often do your customers miss arranged appointments in-branch? No-shows can result in a great loss of time and money. Why not send your customers a reminder via Rich Media Messaging? You can even include options for them to cancel or reschedule their visit. This can significantly boost satisfaction levels, and customers will also be more likely to show up. In fact, our appointment reminders can decrease missed visits by 80%.

Collect Payments via Rich Media Messaging

Collect Insurance Payments via Mobile Messaging

Payment collection can be really tricky. Although you need to reach out and request payments, you don’t want to seem aggressive and jeopardize your customer relationships. Making the collections process as seamless as possible is key to keeping a good rapport with your customers. Did you know that texts containing links such as our RMM solution have a 36% click through rate as opposed to an 8% rate through an email? If a customer is on a payment plan and misses their monthly installment, you can notify them by sending them automated payment requests via Rich Media Messages. By doing so, customers can effortlessly make a payment directly through their message. This can help you increase collections by 65%. Recipients can simply confirm the outstanding amount and pay via a secure payment gateway. It’s so easy and saves time for both you and your customer.

Have Two-Way SMS Conversations

Two-Way SMS Conversations

Two-way SMS messages allow insurance companies to have conversations with their customers in a convenient and cost-effective manner. It even enables agents to have multiple conversations at once. This is an excellent way to ensure your customers are staying informed. For example, if a customer has made a claim, agents can easily update them at each step of the process, and request any information they require. Engaging in conversation with customers not only raises satisfaction levels, but it can also reduce inbound calls by 65%.

Send Insurance Promotions via Mobile Messaging

Send Insurance Promotions via Mobile Messaging

With our Rich Media Messaging drag and drop campaign builder, you can create and send rich promotional campaigns to your customers. Did you know that mobile messaging receives 209% higher response rates than any other channel? Due to this, it’s ideal for increasing sales through cross-sell and up-sell strategies. It’s also perfect for sending out special offers, insurance discounts, coupons and deals.

Conduct Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys

How do you measure customer satisfaction? Receiving high quality service is very important to customers, especially when it comes to making insurance claims. Reaching out to them for feedback regarding their claims experiences is one of the easiest and fastest ways to measure how well your company is doing, and to identify the areas that you need to improve. Deliver automated surveys via Interactive Voice Messaging, Rich Media Messaging, or SMS chat, so you can provide recipients with a varied range of self-serve options. This can help you gather an abundance of valuable insights, and achieve click-through rates of over 60%. Not only that, but it can also enhance customer satisfaction, as they can conveniently respond whenever or wherever they choose.

Get Started With Mobile Messaging For Insurance Companies

Are you interested in learning more about how mobile messaging can help insurance companies? If so, we’d highly encourage you to book a free demo with us. There are no credit card details required. Our expert team would be delighted to show you our intuitive mobile messaging platform, so that you can discover new ways to increase engagement, boost collections, enhance satisfaction levels, and improve efficiency.

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Published on: 25th August 2020

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