Automate Signing Agent Assignments

VoiceSage provide a notary signing services that help title companies assign loan signing tasks to agents easily. Increase efficiency and reduce costs by up to 50% while reducing the FTE requirements.

So, with the e-notary software market continuing to rise, we wanted to bring a new solution that will automate tasks and save your time and money while allocating jobs to signing agents.

Therefore, we make your signing experiences more accurate, efficient, and timely.

  • Configure easy workflows for your signing needs
  • Create personalized text messages to receive unique signatures
  • Implement flexible text messaging technology into current processes
  • Ability to upload documents and contracts
  • Proactively send outbound communications
  • Diversify your mobile signing channels
  • Win at customer experience and self-service

notary signing services experience

notary signing services voicesage

Transform Your Notary Signing Experience

Title companies can gain a competitive advantage by implementing a digitized job assignment to notary agents. As a mediator between banks, notaries, and lenders, your company could transform your notary signing services with rich media messaging.

However, a rich message allows you to digitize the whole signing experience from start to finish. It’s the medium to drive the process of acquiring a digital signature.

Send reminders, auto-assign tasks, follow-up, get feedback, and acquire the digital signature – all in one rich messaging experience.

VoiceSage’s digital notary signing services integrate easily into any third party systems, from CRMs and email, to call centers and CX platforms.

Industries We Serve


VoiceSage helps notary offices to create efficiency in their signing processes in a timely manner. Our instant rich messages enable two-way communication between client and notary, ensuring open client engagement.

• capture digital signature via text messaging in a matter of seconds
• automate signing where speed matters
• send and receive critical documents
• reduce time spent on chasing agents


Streamline communications and slick signing services for insurance companies that struggle to get instant answers. Create positive customer experiences around ever-changing policies and important documents.

• get direct responses and high open rates
• manage claims efficiently
• implement a fast and affordable solution
• capture important information easily without going through a massive integration process

Real Estate

Experience the difference in signing mortgage papers with digital signatures. Our rich messaging solutions help you create seamless agent and customer experiences that save you time and resources.

• allow agents to send closing assignments
• confirm contact has been made with signers
• update the status of a signing after closing
• save time and money on chasing papers
• send and receive pictures, videos, or docs

Simple View of Notary Solution Flow

notary signing solution diagram

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Automate Signing Assignment to Agents

VoiceSage created rich messaging solutions for signing with the aim of speeding up the process and reducing internal costs.

Moreover, our solutions are scalable and can grow with your needs. By handling all signatures via mobile, you ensure accuracy in your documents and task assignment.

Give notary agents peace of mind by automating the signing process within a few clicks.