What Are Mobile Surveys?

Mobile surveys are perfect for gaining valuable feedback from your customers. This helps you discover what aspects of your service are benefiting your customers, and also highlights what can be improved to enhance their experience.

By sending surveys via mobile messaging, customers can respond via self-serve options at a time that suits them.

Our surveys can be sent by SMS, Rich Media Messaging, or Interactive Voice Messaging, so that you can reach your customers on their ideal channel.

Mobile Surveys Benefits

Improve Response Rates

Achieve higher response rates by sending surveys via mobile channels. SMS not only has an average response time of 90 seconds, but it also has 7.5x greater response rates than email.

Increase Satisfaction

Enhance satisfaction levels by listening to your customers. Trigger automated surveys to be sent following purchases or interactions, to gain valuable insights into customer experiences.

Easy To Create

Creating mobile surveys is quick and simple. Our drag and drop builder allows you to build surveys in seconds and include engaging features like rating sliders and faces, paragraph boxes, radio buttons, and checkboxes.

Decrease Costs

Sending surveys via mobile messaging is much more cost-effective than traditional phone calls or print.

Seamless Integration

Our mobile surveys seamlessly integrate with your existing business systems via VoiceSage's API.

In-Depth Analytics

Analyze your data with our in-depth analytics dashboard within VoiceSage's Console.

Mobile Surveys Use Cases

Market Research

Conduct surveys to collect information about your target market and customers. You can easily deliver engaging questionnaires to gain more information about customer interests and stay competitive.

Customer Satisfaction

Find out how satisfied your customers are with your product or service by sending surveys. You can trigger automated messages to be sent following various interactions such as appointments or purchases.

Employee Feedback

Mobile surveys are great for gathering feedback from your employees. Boost team morale and productivity by giving your staff the opportunity to share their suggestions, ideas and concerns.

Achieve a 8.5% Response Rate

Find out how VoiceSage helped The Very Group enhance customer engagement, meet more than the sample size for their requirements, and achieve a 8.5% response rate in an exceptionally tight time-frame.