At a glance

The Challenges

  • Increasing number of missed safety checks
  • Customers not rescheduling appointments
  • Inefficient use of engineer time

The Solutions

  • Automated SMS messaging
  • Appointment Reminders

The Results

  • Reduced missed appointments by 80%
  • Increased engineer efficiency and saved time
  • Decreased business costs significantly

About First Choice Homes Oldham

First Choice Homes Oldham is a registered provider of 12,000 social houses within Oldham, which aims to deliver high quality services to the right people at the right time whilst ensuring there is a balance between cost, quality and added value.



The Challenge

The key challenge for First Choice Homes Oldham was that there was an increasingly high volume of residents missing their essential electrical safety checks at their property. Residents would simply forget about their pre-booked appointment with the engineer, or not reschedule the visit if their circumstances changed. Due to this, it became necessary to seek a solution to reduce the number of missed checks.



The Solution

VoiceSage worked with First Choice Homes Oldham to provide a self-serve solution that is efficient, simple and cost effective. This was achieved by sending residents a simple SMS reminder a day before their electrical safety check, which included a phone number to call if they needed to reschedule. These automated SMS messages can be created quickly and easily, without any coding experience required.



The Results

VoiceSageʼs automated SMS solution decreased unsuccessful visits by 80%, increased customer engagement, and boosted first appointment access rates. This not only optimized productivity levels, but also lowered business costs.




With VoiceSage automated SMS messaging, we saw a drastic reduction in engineer downtime, admin time and costs. The team provided an excellent service and attended our head office at short notice (within 24 hours) to provide onsite training.”
Mick Stanley, Responsive Repairs Manager

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