How to Use Rich Media Messaging Builder’s Features to Send Critical Information

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According to a recent survey, 92% of participants claim that transforming digital communication is highly critical in order to address the business challenges brought by Covid-19. Omnichannel communication is now more important than ever before, as companies seek new ways to reach out and engage with their customers. Having a clear digital strategy in place is vital to ensure that businesses can communicate quickly and effectively. As digital transformation budgets increase, mobile messaging remains one of the most cost effective communication channels. There are a variety of ways in which our Rich Media Messaging builder’s features can help you to enhance your digital communications and deliver critical information during and after the pandemic.

Use Rich Content to Send Critical Information

Mobile messaging is a significant means of communication today, with findings showing that over 6 billion text messages are sent per day in the US. With Rich Media Messaging (RMM), you can deliver vital information through rich media content. As the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times more quickly than it processes text, using rich content is a fast and efficient way to deliver critical details. You can easily include media such as videos, logos, pdfs, image carousels, and even call to action buttons to direct recipients to further content. You may wish to send information such as:

  • Informational videos regarding security breaches
  • Recordings demonstrating new safety procedures

Rich Media Messaging Critical Information

Save the Date of Urgent Events

Studies show that 22% of online American adults manage their calendars on their mobile phones or tablets. With Rich Media Messaging’s ‘Save The Date’ feature, recipients can automatically add urgent events and important dates directly to the calendar on their device. This can be used for situations such as:

  • Crucial meetings or conferences
  • Business or school closure dates
  • Significant appointments

Rich Media Messaging Calendar

Send Critical Information Regarding Payments

You can send customers critical information regarding payments via Rich Media Messaging, such as notifying them of mortgage payment holidays, or providing options to set up personalized payment plans. Our payment block feature allows customers to conveniently make payments directly through their message at a time that suits them. We integrate with trusted payment providers such as Elavon, Stripe, PayPal, Worldpay, PaySafe, Encoded, and Global Payments, so that customers can rest assured that their payment is secure.

Rich Media Messaging Payments

Send and Receive Important Documents via Rich Media Messaging

Depending on how much critical information you wish to send, it may be too lengthy to deliver via a simple SMS message, and recipients may find it tedious to read. However, sending files and PDF documents via Rich Media Messaging is a great way to send critical data in bulk. PDF files can be password protected, so you can share your information securely. This can be useful for delivering information such as:

  • Safety regulations and processes
  • New local authority guidelines
  • Adjustments to business floor layouts
  • Changes to employee shifts and schedules
  • Updated contracts and agreements
  • Instruction guides and PDFs

You can receive documents from your customers via Rich Media Messaging. Our upload feature allows customers to respond directly to their messages with attached document files and images. These can be uploaded from the files on their device, or taken directly via their camera. This feature is ideal for sending many different types of documents such as:

  • Images of meters so that utility providers can accurately read meters remotely
  • Images of documents and receipts for insurance providers

Securely Obtain Signatures on Essential Documents

According to research, 77% of customers are comfortable with signing and submitting important documents online. Therefore, eSignatures are a convenient and effective way to obtain signatures for essential documents. Rich Media Messaging Builder’s signature block feature ensures that your customers can submit their signature whenever it is required. This feature is perfect for signing:

Rich Media Messaging Signatures

Track Critical Communications and Report on Responses

When sending critical information, it is paramount that you are able to track whether or not your messages are being received. VoiceSage’s API enabled reporting system integrates seamlessly with your existing business processes. From the minor details to the big picture, VoiceSage Analytics allows you to analyze data via a highly detailed analytics dashboard. Examining the information that you receive can help you to make more educated and data-driven decisions.

Ensure Critical Information Remains Secure

VoiceSage is ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 compliant, and PCI Level 1 certified, so that you can ensure your information is safe with us. These accreditations show our commitment to data security, and demonstrate that we have all the necessary practices in place to protect against security threats, as well as established procedures to successfully respond to any potential threats. Customers can be assured that all the details we hold are safeguarded to a globally recognized, accepted and reliable standard.

Rich Media Messaging Compliance

Get Started With Rich Media Messaging

VoiceSage’s RESTful API even integrates smoothly and securely with any third party service provider, so it is easy for you to get started. Regardless of your industry, we would be delighted to discuss more about how our Rich Media Messaging builder’s features can help you to send critical information. To find out more about how you can deliver critical information, send and receive important files, save the date of urgent events, sign essential documents, and ensure your data is secure, book a demo with us today.

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Published on: 28th July 2020

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