Add Rich Media in SMS to Engage Your Customers

Rich content like pictures, video, coupons and even QR codes can be used in SMS marketing messages to increase conversions in a cost-effective way.

The Use of Rich Media in Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

The next evolution in mobile messaging is Rich Media Messaging (RMM). With this, brands can send a variety of message types without worrying about the limitations of traditional 160 characters text messages.

RMM lets you send content like special offers, interactive surveys, video updates, payment requests, appointment scheduling, and much more. Plus you can easily integrate with third-party apps to fully automate your CRM processes. For the first time, customers can truly connect with you and you with them.

RMM is essentially an SMS with a link. The link is shortened, and your content is mobile-optimized and can be delivered in fully personalized landing pages. With SMS you know when messages are sent but not when they’re read. With RMM, you can see when messages are sent, delivered, read, and the action taken.

RMM Delivery Confirmation

You can add any type of rich media to your SMS campaigns such as:

  • Images—Send product pictures to potential buyers (single image or carousel)
  • Coupons—Send printable or scannable discounts and promotions
  • Videos—Send a YouTube or Vimeo link of your latest event/company video

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Benefits of Sending Rich Media in SMS

  • A picture is worth a thousand words
    Images act like a visual hook. Used in the form of logos, backgrounds, galleries and many more, they help attract customers’ attention and illustrate the information in a more engaging manner.
  • Greater engagement rates
    Texting has by far the best engagement rate of any marketing medium. Customers are 10X more likely to redeem coupons shared via SMS than those received through the mail. You can achieve click through rates of more than 60%, with an increase in conversion rates of 39%.
  • Spice up your SMS campaigns
    When customers get messages that are tailored specifically to them, they’re more likely to pay attention and act. In fact, personalized content outperforms static content by 42%, so start adding rich media in texts.

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