Messaging API - VoiceSage | Integrations Made Easy

To get started, here’s how to send an SMS:

/* Requires C# SDK */
	var messagingService = new MessagingService("username", "password");
	messagingService.SendMessage(new SmsMessage("07123456789", "Hello!", "accountRef"));
//Requires the GoLang SDK
						accountClient := New("", "pass").Account("EX00000")

							{To: "00000000", Body: "Hello"},



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Just some of the ways you can use the VoiceSage messaging API to improve customer experience, automate payments, and boost efficiency.


Event-based optichannel messaging

Trigger the right communication down the right channel at the right time. Take strategic control by having well-structured customer contact operations that underpin great optichannel customer experiences. Automate sending voice, email, SMS, social media and rich media messaging.


Marketing and Promotions

VoiceSage creates a bespoke solution which integrates your existing CRM, channels, and analytics applications. Reach out with content including video, surveys and feedback forms, promotion codes, and more. Simply create content with a drag and drop Mobile Landing Page Builder giving customers all the functionality of an app.


One Time Password and security messaging

Enable and authenticate online payments. Generate and send an OTP for online or mobile within the 2 second timeframe defined by the regulatory authorities. For the authentication process resulting from voice calls, the VoiceSage API call triggers the OTP generation and SMS sending process within the 10 second timeframe defined by regulators.


Logistics communication

Prevent customers from making unnecessary inbound calls about deliveries. Triggered by the processing of an online sales order, the API call generates an SMS or an email capturing all the details. This is automatically sent within seconds, confirming the details of every order and pre-empting any intended call by the customer. Two-way chat can be triggered if the query needs to be escalated.


Connect to customers with location-based messaging

Trigger the sending of branded messaging using beacons when customers are in the proximity of a physical location. Smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth active signal the presence of customers in the CRM database, enabling personalized messaging directly to each customer’s device via SMS or an App. Build your intelligence around each customer with a mobile data collection survey.


Data aggregation to see performance in real-time

API-enabled reporting seamlessly integrates into your enterprise-wide business intelligence processes. From the fine detail all the way up to the big picture, VoiceSage Analytics lets you zero in on the information which helps you make better data-driven decisions.


Automated Appointment scheduling and Two-way chat

Automation allows customers to reschedule or confirm availability, by sending “Will you be able to attend? Y or N” as part of the message. If not, they can reschedule through a follow up Rich Media Message, a call to/from an agent, or even via text SMS. A ‘save the date’ feature can insert the appointment into a calendar app.


Reduce Shopping Cart abandonment and enable Click and Collect

Send a reminder to customers about their abandoned cart, including a link to recover it. To incentivize purchase, you can automate the inclusion of a promo discount code using rules that let you set a minimum order value. For Click and Collect, automatically keep customers up to date on the status of orders. Also, communicate with the instore team to let them know the instore location of items.