Customer Journey Stages: Outreach and Promotions [Part 2/4]

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Use Strategic Outreach and Targeted Promotions to Capture Customer Attention

The weeks and days leading up to and following holidays surround customers with sensory overload, including deals and discounts from competitors online and offline. This is perhaps the busiest part of all the customer journey stages.

During these busy holiday prep and holiday recovery periods, the key to capturing the attention — and purchases — of customers lies in getting in front of them on the channels and networks they use most.

You can ensure strong CTRs and conversion rates using data you already collect — including that which shows top referring platforms and ad performance — to home in on the key customers you want to reach. By focusing on the platforms that garner the best engagement rates, customers are more likely to click on your ads during the holiday madness.

Automatic Customer Follow Up - Automating the Customer Journey with VoiceSage


With VoiceSage’s direct-marketing services, you can generate automated, personalized, and dynamic messaging across channels and devices. Utilizing phone and email information collected early in the customer journey, you can cut through the impersonal noise that customers encounter from other companies around the holidays.

Nurture the Customer from Website Visit to Purchase Completion

Once customers come to the site, payment friction and abandoned carts reduce potential revenue. Though they may look around and add attractive items to their carts, 68.89% of customers fail to commit to purchase.

Reasons for Cart Abandonment - Automating the Customer Journey with VoiceSage

By mitigating the hurdles that customers face when purchasing, companies in the United States and the European Union could recover $260 billion worth of lost orders.

Companies can recover those lost orders by embracing technology that automatically sends reminders and encourages customers to complete their purchases

At this point, customers can also be swayed to purchase with limited-time discounts, such as free shipping or an extra percentage off items in their cart.

The second major hang-up can be the payment process itself, often because customers feel that their information is not collected safely or that it’s too labor intensive to provide. In fact, 28% of U.S. online shoppers ready to make a purchase have abandoned an order because the checkout process was too long.

Since more than 31.8 million consumers experienced credit card security breaches in 2014, consumers have become increasingly sensitive about the security of their information. By integrating with trusted payment platforms and including trusted company logos, you can ease customers’ minds by creating faith in the purchase process.

Effect of Trusted Logos - Automating the Customer Journey with VoiceSage

Other ways that companies can improve the odds of customers completing their purchases once on site include the following:

  • Ensuring customers can easily find discounts and deals
  • Being transparent about shipping costs up front to avoid sticker shock and cart abandonment
  • Providing a guest checkout option
  • Paying attention to analytics reflecting funnel leaks (e.g., customers drop off at pages that aren’t as strong as others, can’t find the items they’re looking for, etc.)
  • Using remarketing to remind customers of products they care about
  • Simplifying navigation to speed up the customer journey
  • Showcasing reviews from other customers to help potential customers vet their purchases
Published on: 27th September 2018

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