5 Tips to Reduce Inbound Call Volumes

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VoiceSage’s communication channels help customer service teams deliver enhanced customer interactions and self-service tools that reduce inbound call volumes. Here are five tips to reduce inbound call volumes:

1. Know why customers call in

tip 1 reduce inbound call volumes

Knowing the reasons why your customers are calling in is vital to design a good customer journey. Contact centre managers can identify which calls they want and which they want to reduce by providing alternative solutions.

Evaluating customers’ pain points helps contact centre managers match self-service solutions such as autoSMS, automated outbound calling and Rich Media Messaging to stop the rises in call volumes.

VoiceSage’s proactive messaging solutions can reduce long customer journeys and eliminate the need to call. Achieve up to 65% reduction in inbound calls and up to 80% increase agent productivity.

2. Review cost per call

tip 2 reduce inbound call volumes

Cost per call is an essential business metric and a high priority on contact center managers’ to-do lists. Finding smart ways to reduce cost per call without damaging the customer engagement requires careful planning and implementation. Fortunately, VoiceSage’s cloud communication platform is designed to effectively assist customers, and so reduces call times and improves first-call resolution.

Automated messaging campaigns will reduce inbound calls by allowing your customers to solve problems on their own. For order and delivery confirmations, two-way SMS sends timely replies to customer requests via intelligent keyword recognition.

3. Promote self-serve options

tip 3 reduce inbound call volumes

Consumers increasingly prefer digital self-service solutions versus calling into a contact centre. Self-serving options are not difficult to set up and can benefit the entire organization and customer base.

For example, Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM), SMS and Rich Media Messaging (RMM) makes it easy for customers to check balances, make payments, transfer funds or obtain information.

4. Provide different channel options

tip 4 reduce inbound call volumes

Another useful tip to reduce inbound call volumes is to choose an optichannel communication strategy for your business if you want to succeed in a competitive industry. Understanding consumer behaviour in a digital world is key to identifying the preferred channel of communication for individual customers.

Invest in the right communication tools and allow customers to self-serve by creating a unified process. Send the right message to the right client on their preferred channel via our platform.

5. Proactive messaging

proactive messaging

VoiceSage can help you reduce inbound call volumes and increase customer experience rates with proactive mobile messaging solutions.

SMS messages are faster and more efficient than email and voice calls for customers and agents. Plus, it takes fewer agents to respond to customer enquiries via text message than it does to respond to customers on a voice call in real time.

For customers who prefer a phone call, though, you can maximize your team’s time by setting up automated voice workflows.

Published on: 7th July 2020

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