How Bulk SMS Can Benefit Marketing Campaigns

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You might be familiar with sending bulk SMS and what it means to marketing managers. SMS is a traditional and very popular channel that most businesses use for customer communications.

Bulk SMS Statistics for Business

  1. Instant Impact: unlike emails or direct mail, sending mass SMS takes less than 7 seconds to reach the recipient.
  2. High Open Rates: SMS has an 99% open rate, while email has a 20% rate. Also, many people choose to open the text message, while many deleted the emails without even opening them.
  3. Custom Bulk SMS Campaigns: you can target different groups and sub-groups of your customer database, making sure your marketing message goes to the right people.
  4. Fewer Barriers to Delivery: emails are often found in the spam folder, but not with bulk SMS. There are no barriers to delivery, making bulk SMS service a reliable option.
  5. Super Cost-Effective: compared to all marketing techniques and advertising channels such as TV, radio, print, Google Ads, social ads, mass text messaging is low-cost and delivers a great ROI.

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Due to its instant impact, bulk text messaging should be in your marketing and communication strategy. But the real question for marketing heads is…

Does Bulk SMS Convert?

Conversions are every marketer’s dream. To be more specific, a conversion in marketing is when a visitor or customer completes the desired goal. In the case of an online purchase, a conversion occurs when someone changes their status from simple visitor to customer, so when a transaction is completed.

In the case of SMS communication, a conversion might mean replying to the SMS, redeeming a code, requesting a call-back, or accessing a link. The point at which a recipient responds to your call to action.

Although it’s an effective channel, SMS doesn’t tickle the marketer’s appetite for creativity. With its 160-character limit and incapacity of showing rich content, it can be hard to capture the customers’ attention.

We want to show you a different side to SMS and how you can enrich your bulk SMS campaigns to the max. Ready to discover our secret to creating super creative mobile marketing campaigns?

bulk sms

Power More Personalized Messages Across Bulk SMS Campaigns

When it comes to bulk SMS communication, it doesn’t help you or your customers to send general bulk SMS messages. To increase conversion you have to make your message specific to the customer’s needs.

If your communication goal is to increase leads, maximize sales, or create more product awareness, you need to define your goals and measure them accordingly.

Personalized messages cater to customers’ specific interests. So, make your messages stand out by sending a custom message. You can do so by looking at:

  • Demographic segmentation: segment customers based on characteristics like age, income, education, gender, and career.
  • Geographical segmentation: segment customers based on their physical location.
  • Psychographic segmentation: segment customers based on their personality traits, lifestyles, attitudes, motivations, and interests.
  • Behavioural segmentation: segment customers based on their purchase patterns, brand loyalty, and the benefits they seek.

Send Transactional Notifications with Personalized Two-Way SMS Messages

Two-way bulk SMS allows you to send and receive a message to and from thousands of people at once. Your customers can reach you by sending simple keywords via short code or long code. You can also reply to these messages through the communication tool that you used to send them.

VoiceSage’s SMS API makes it easy to integrate with the systems that you already have in place. This might be CRM, email marketing, data, and reporting software, and more. The added convenience of receiving replies directly from your customers via SMS marketing campaigns increases the possibility of quick sales, repeat business, increase conversion, and higher customer engagement.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can build instant communication with your customers through two-way bulk SMS. The more customers you are willing to include in business communications, the more reinforced your messages will be.

VoiceSage’s platform gives admins the power to manage SMS conversations and agent workloads with proactive queue rules, therefore they are no manual interventions, just improved customer engagement rates. Our SMS software is used by industry leading companies from retail, utilities, to travel and insurance.

However, if the customer requests to speak with an agent, this will easily be achieved. The agent will simply switch the communication channel and the customer will get the call they requested.

Conversational Marketing Is the New Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on direct sales communications with potential or existing clients through a variety of channels. Bulk SMS is a form of direct marketing, but what you need to remember is that is better to personalize messages than send mass marketing.

It will save up resources such as time, effort, and money if you segment your contacts into smaller groups.

mass sms

While the world of direct marketing is reliant on one-way communication, conversational marketing breaks this rule and allows customers to interact with the brand. Conversational messaging moves, compels, and persuades customers by allowing them to interact with the brand. Not limiting conversations to a single channel shows company progression.

Wrapping-Up Richer Bulk SMS for Marketing Campaigns

Companies can spark interest in text messages by enhancing SMS with rich content. Spice up your Bulk SMS campaigns by making a true difference in your messaging and conversion rates.

A solution like Rich Media Messaging drives conversational marketing further than a simple SMS would. Briefly, Rich Media Messaging (RMM) is a messaging service that adds a richer experience compared to SMS campaigns by offering rich media content through personalized mobile journeys with the ability for customers to self-serve.

They are carefully designed and fully customized mobile landing pages that allow a customer to do several things. You can:

  • Create personalized conversations at scale
  • Treat customers like individuals
  • Design purposeful interactions
  • Ask them questions
  • Offer incentives, discounts, or promotions
  • Allow two-way communication
  • Call a live agent
  • Automate conversations
  • Plan better marketing campaigns

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In conclusion, sending SMS is very invaluable. Brands should still include this as a channel to their communication strategy. Also, marketing people can make a true difference in retaining customers and increasing conversions by adding richer content to their SMS marketing campaigns.

Designing a rich message using VoiceSage’s campaign builder has never been easier. With drag-and-drop functionality and amazing design features, marketers can create responsive and engaging mobile landing pages in a heartbeat.

Do you want to learn more about how you can improve your bulk SMS marketing campaigns? Book a demo today with one of our Product Specialists.

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Published on: 22nd February 2022

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