7 Tips on Implementing Rich Media Messaging to Your Marketing Campaigns

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Designed to enhance SMS messages and increase customer engagement, Rich Media Messaging (RMM) is a messaging service that adds a richer experience compared to SMS communication by offering rich media content through personalized mobile journeys with the ability for customers to self-serve. It is more flexible as your contacts can receive RMM even if their phone is not RCS-compatible.

Engagement in SMS is higher, with only 4% who don’t read their SMS messages than the 40% of people who leave their emails unread. Hence, this is a channel any business should tap into.

Executing an RMM campaign is a great way to interact with your subscribers. RMM enables you to connect to audio-visual content as well as coupons and promotions in your SMS marketing message.

Here are some tips on implementing rich media messaging in your marketing campaigns to engage your patrons.

1. Use a reliable mobile messaging software

A growing number of establishments worldwide are embracing the incorporation of mobile messaging systems and rich media platforms. These apps have a wide array of intricate influences over modern enterprises.

With today’s rapidly evolving marketplace and constantly shifting consumer demands, organizations must always develop new methods to engage and work with their audiences without bearing the brunt of generating and using promotional content.

This is where Rich Media Messaging marketing campaigns slide in. When applied strategically and simply, they are an efficient and non-spammy interaction point with subscribers.

Rich media platforms have a sustained presence in the marketplace. They’re more confidential than social media, which is why customers feel this line of communication is more personal and private.

There are broad varieties of communications software online, so when making a selection, be sure to pick a platform dedicated to RMM. Feel free to get in touch with different providers to determine which best suits your marketing campaign.

2. Let your rich media campaign content dictate what you offer

A recent survey showed that B2B buyers consume 13 pieces of content on average before purchasing.

Knowing this, we can say consumers conduct primary research prior to taking the next step in purchasing goods and services. However, the way buyers engage with and fuse content into their research process is also evolving, and these alterations are accompanied by more competition.

Businesses need to put more effort to distinguish themselves from the crowd and grab buyers’ attention. You can do this through RMM using content that establishes your brand identity and highlights what sets you apart from other vendors. It could be something unique you offer to customers that other companies don’t or a social cause your target audience can support.

Although it can be tempting to develop branding through lifestyle, the majority of successful branding efforts are grounded on the product itself. Try to highlight the exceptional design of your products or the ways customers can use it. Emphasize functionality and craft a story about each item on your roster.

Your content must also reflect the needs of your target audience and must always be personalized. In a recent study by Statista, American retailers who applied advanced marketing personalization garnered an average monthly revenue of $6791, so if you want to start raising profit, make sure your rich marketing campaign speaks to your audience.

3. Choose how to utilize rich media

In the hands of an expert marketer, a rich media campaign can be a brand’s golden ticket to success. Acting as a powerful point of interaction with audiences, rich media can be handed over to customers as a prized standalone content or complementary content that comes with a bigger proposition.

While there’s a wide array of ways you can use rich media through rich media platforms, you need to choose the ones that work for your enterprise. Remember that the end goal for using rich media is to engage customers, so be sure to develop your format and content according to what’s most interactive for them.

If your buyers prefer audio-visual content, deliver photos and videos about your products and services. Don’t send a download link to a white paper they’ll never read. If your customers are looking for a more helpful support team, streamline call flows and look at automated voice services.

implementing rich media messaging

4. Bring your ideas to life

Unlike a standard text message which has generic content and limited capabilities, you can breathe life into any marketing concept that crosses your mind with rich media messaging. Some of the most exceptional rich media messages use animated content, interactive media, infographics, 360 ad experience, games, event invites and coupons, which are all made possible by Rich Media Messaging programs.

Try exploring any of these options with your mobile messaging software.

To give you some inspiration, take a look at how VoiceSage increased customer engagement by over 50% and open rates by 46% in direct marketing industries.

VoiceSage customers used Rich Media Messaging solutions to market product launches, deliver promotions, and distribute bots for instant connection with customers. They also used the platform to revert more traffic to their brand’s apps and websites.

But what does a rich media campaign hold for your enterprise?

By using rich media platforms, you can now convey more noteworthy stories and engage with your audience via mobile device.

5. Take inspiration from successful companies

It’s okay to build your rich media campaign with tried and tested strategies and techniques that worked well for other enterprises, especially if you have similar objectives, if you’re facing similar challenges or if you’re working in similar industries.

You can find many use cases for mobile messaging software with a focus on Rich Media Messaging.

Take a look at Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), for instance. The company wanted to enhance customer services, boost net promoter numbers and cut down expenses. They wanted to accomplish all this by incorporating an automated system that still maintains personal touch and trust with their customers.

SSE decided to work with VoiceSage’s RMM platform to supply an Interactive Voice Messaging solution. Implementing this allowed the organization to automate customer surveys and reduce the number of agents making outbound calls.

They managed to achieve their desired outcomes. The software even prompted SSE to expand their survey across other aspects. As for agents, they have more free time to concentrate on more vital and prominent assignments.

Such success stories can give you great ideas for your rich media campaign.

6. Think ahead with analytics

There are plenty of ways to unearth your audience’s preferences and behaviors in rich media messaging. One of the most effective ways is adding a link to your messages.

Including a link in your rich SMS allows you to monitor the number of customers clicking through your site, mobile video, or app download, which provides perspective on your campaign performance and determines who engages with your content among audiences.

RMM has many metrics. You can define your campaign performance by the responses you gain from subscribers, accomplished transactions, or abandonment rates. Some analytical platforms such as Google Analytics can even reveal the profit you’re gaining from these marketing efforts.

Whatever the objective of your rich media campaign is, it’s important to find out if this promotional measure works for you. If you know how your customers interact with your brand and your campaigns, you can allocate your resources more wisely. You know where to put your time, effort and money, and you know which strategies yield great results.

7. Supply an opt-out line

Although Rich Media Messaging is an engaging way to connect with subscribers, some customers are uncomfortable with receiving SMS from enterprises. Since SMS messaging comes across as more personal, some audiences don’t appreciate this approach and prefer other means of communication. Even the most loyal customers can prefer their mobile phones to be ad-free and off the hook from deals and services.

Because of this, brands must develop an easy opt-out procedure for subscribers. If your audience can’t opt-out of your RMM, then they’re more likely to contact your customer support department or take matters up with their wireless carrier. Both mean one thing: bad customer service. These deeds are time-consuming for your customers, and they also develop a terrible reputation for your business.

EnRICH your SMS campaigns

We’ve come to the end of our guide, but we hope you’ve acquired some ideas for implementing rich media messaging in your marketing campaigns.

To begin applying them, you can try creating rich media content in your SMS in VoiceSage for free. Book a free demowith us now. Customers who have been sifting through rich media platforms tell us that we’re the one they’ve been looking for because we have spectacular strategies and solutions for engaging customers through mobile messaging.

See how our Rich Media Messaging solution can boost your business today!

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Published on: 21st April 2021

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