How To Increase Your RMM and SMS Survey Response Rates

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Sending surveys and gathering data is critical in enhancing customer satisfaction. Research shows that 77% of customers prefer businesses that request and apply customer feedback. By measuring how customers feel about your service, you can determine how to improve and maintain a quality experience for your customers. Here are some best practices to help you improve your Rich Media Messaging (RMM) and SMS survey response rates, so that you can collect valuable insights.

Ensure Your Message is Clear

Having a simple and concise message is crucial to engage customers and improve response rates. Ensure your introduction is clear by plainly stating who the message is from and what the goal of the message is. According to a consumer study, humans have an attention span of only 8 seconds. Therefore, it is important to keep the copy short and sweet so that it maintains the customer’s interest. Be sure that your call to action (CTA) is also clearly defined, so that customers know exactly what to do, and have a seamless experience.

SMS Survey CTA

Incorporate Rich Media Into Your SMS Survey

Did you know that content that includes visuals such as images achieves 650% greater engagement than text-only content? Including engaging content is a brilliant way to boost response rates. With VoiceSage’s Rich Media Messaging (RMM), you can include visual features such as rating scales and sliders, text boxes, buttons, and more. You can even customize colors and fonts and include rich media content like photos, carousels, and videos.

Customer Survey

Download your free infographic to learn about RMM engagement rates: Customer Engagement Statistics Rich Media Messaging vs. Email

Perform A/B Tests on Your RMM and SMS Surveys

A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of your message. It has been known to improve conversions by 161%. By running multiple variations of your campaign, you can analyze what kind of content receives the highest response rates. You can also send test campaigns at different times and on different days to find out what works best. By experimenting with A/B testing, you can discover the optimal way to reach your desired audience.

A-B Test

Personalize Your RMM and SMS Surveys

According to a customer survey, 42% of customers are annoyed when content is not personalized. Surveys that are specifically tailored to your customers are more likely to achieve better results. With our campaign builder, you can design mobile surveys to include the customer’s personal information such as their name. You can also send satisfaction surveys based on the recipient’s recent purchases or interactions so that they can engage with content that interests them.

Find out how our client achieved high response rates with RMM surveys: Customer Surveys Case Study

Offer Rewards

A great way to improve response rates is to offer rewards such as discount codes for completing your survey. With our RMM barcode feature, you can send messages that customers can scan in-store to avail of their discount. You can even gamify the experience by including our scratchcard feature to reveal the barcode. By providing a positive and engaging experience, the customer will also be more likely to offer feedback in the future.

Survey barcode

Start Improving Your RMM and SMS Survey Response Rates

Are you ready to enhance your Rich Media Messaging and SMS Surveys? Request a free trial with the VoiceSage team today to discover how we can help you increase response rates and improve customer experience.

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Published on: 8th December 2020

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