How AI Can Improve Customer Experience

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Ever wondered how AI can improve customer experience? Leveraging AI in the 21st century is necessary to improve business efficiency.

Firstly, artificial intelligence has become a vital component in all business processes, from automation in customer support to advanced personalization for marketing.

Accenture reported that AI has the potential to increase corporate profitability by an average of 38% by 2035.

Secondly, most industries use some form of AI, some more than others. If AI used to be a costly, nice-to-have thing in the past, it has now become a popular theme to discuss in webinars, trade shows, and brainstorming meetings.

Because AI holds many possibilities, it’s hard for people to know how to use it. In this article, we wanted to give you some examples of how AI can improve customer experience.

More so, we will focus on customer-centric industries and use an omnichannel strategy in their customer communications.

As a mobile messaging provider, VoiceSage has invested in our own AI and machine learning technologies to help our customers deliver more engaging experiences and make their lives easier.

Focusing on automating low-value tasks that require manual input is time-consuming and frustrated for the people doing the tasks at hand.

With time being the most valuable asset, you need to spend it wisely. Dedicate your full attention to creating strategies, getting to know your customers, and tracking success.

People who perform repetitive and low-value tasks could easily save time with automation. Save your energy by finding a simple solution that deals with them.

Let’s see how AI can help businesses build better customer experiences now and in the future.

What Is AI in Customer Experience

So, AI in customer experience is the practice of using machine learning and other technologies to provide an enhanced user experience at every touchpoint in all customer interactions.

Brands delivering a customized experience help them understand their customers’ interests, shopping behaviors, and decision-making.

However, not all of them are successful. AI used in customer experiences involves a lot of data analysis, testing, and experimentation.

Only those who persevere will seamlessly provide relevant and real personalized customer journeys.

ai in customer experience shop

Example of AI in Customer Experience

Imagine Diana, a digital marketer with a side hassle that involves fashion influencing. She has found an online retailer that she loves and continues to buy clothes regularly.

She wakes up, has her coffee, and when checking her emails, sees a message from her favorite retailer telling her it might be time for a new jacket since spring is now approaching.

The new style demands more than just a jacket. Diana has already started thinking of what to pair the jacket with, that she might need some new shoes, etc.

Her birthday is coming up, so this is the perfect excuse to treat herself a little. She clicks on the offer, explores the site a little, adds a few things to her basket, but abandons her purchasing journey because she has to go to a meeting.

Later that day, she gets an SMS promotional code from her favorite retailer. She knows it’s a safe message since she’s always getting order confirmations and coupon codes in text messages.

She clicks on the link and is presented with a scratch card, allowing her to find a heart-warming birthday message alongside a 30% discount on everything she placed in the basket.

When she gets home, she visits the company site, and the site recognizes her IP address. It also displays the discount code for her upcoming birthday.

She happily places the order and can’t stop thinking about how good she’ll look in her new purchases.

The customization and personalization happening behind the scenes on multiple channels have made her shopping experience effortless, unified, and engaging.

Therefore, Diana is a happy customer, and this was a perfect example of how AI can improve customer experience and user retention.

How to Build Better Customer Experience with AI

Predictive personalization

Another example of how AI can improve customer experience is through personalization. Personalization can help you make better decisions when planning campaigns, creating messaging, or revising customer satisfaction metrics.

Understanding customers is the one true challenge that many companies face. By assessing customer journeys, behaviors, or patterns, AI can help companies predict what a customer might be interested in or tell him when to reorder.

Improve decision-making with AI

Data collection has gotten smarter with companies investing heavily in data analysts and software. Because through AI and machine learning, your insights can be more data-driven.

Bringing AI into your workflows can help you make better decisions by processing data and extracting valuable insights.

Diversify your channel offering

Many businesses are required to be omnipresent. Having an omnichannel strategy is a must nowadays. People expect to email, call, text, live chat, and receive direct mail from you.

And all communications should be seamless and stress-free. Your online and offline presence, from social media to customer support, should function as a whole.

Boost customer engagement

Customer engagement is easy said than done. While expanding your reach on all the channels, designing flawless customer journeys is challenging.

For instance, Diana’s earlier example justifies what real customer engagement means and how many factors contribute to creating a seamless and positive experience.

Deliver instant customer support

Customers want customer support now, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If a customer is unsatisfied, he takes immediate action and wants his problem solved instantly.

However, a customer service chatbot can answer some of the most frequently asked questions or simple inquiries. Investing in AI chatbots is a great idea when you want to deliver immediate customer service at any time of the day.

ai in customer experience support

Target more effectively

Effective targeting brings more positive results, and there’s no doubt about that. A 2021 study shows that target messaging toward people with specific personality types was more effective, resulting in higher click-through and conversion rates.

Improve retention efforts

Retaining customers is more than simply answering their inquiries fast or knowing when their birthday is.

With industries becoming more competitive by the day, you need to develop some marketing loyalty programs to be on top of the game. AI can help you improve customer experiences by assessing churn rates, customer value optimization, and lifespan value.

These metrics mean to shine some light on why you are losing customers, how long they stay loyal, and how you can prolong their lifespan.

Customize content marketing

Content personalization means giving people the information they are after without them knowing you’re doing it. You prioritize and display content that is appealing to individual customer. Most companies fail at personalizing content.

If content personalization had been manual, you would interpret data and build email marketing campaigns for specific segments that downloaded the same content assets.

Or you would manually search for patterns instead of using artificial intelligence tools to predict content journeys.

Your marketing automation system should have features to identify users and recommend content-type based on past engagement, downloaded content, and call-to-action.

Streamline your workflows

AI and machine learning can enhance customer experience by directing customer support requests to the correct department.

Voice assistants can also do the manual work of verifying identity and increasing the first contact resolution rate.

Another way to streamline your marketing efforts is by using AI to pre-qualify leads. It can help the customer navigate information easily while you can focus on hot leads.

How VoiceSage Can Help You Boost Customer Experience with AI

We’ve only scratched the surface of AI in customer experience in this article. We are sure that there will be many capabilities and technology enhancements in the upcoming years.

While AI and ML are constantly evolving, so does VoiceSage. We are adapting to the ever-changing customer demands to improve customer engagement for our customers.

It means making our communication solutions more agile and tuned with features that analyze data more efficiently and help you utilize resources and time more efficiently.

We help customer service teams automate tasks that were a burden, helping them be more productive and focused on priority tasks.

We believe in proactive communication, and that’s how we build our entire products and solutions suite.

VoiceSage offers anything from bots on WhatsApp, voice, and text to self-serve solutions via rich messaging and interactive voice messaging.

We feel confident delivering AI customer experiences, from simple customer support automation to personalized messaging that boosts consumer loyalty.

To help you create the best customer journeys, please book a demo.

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Published on: 28th April 2022

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