6 Nonverbal Website Hacks to Keep Customers Engaged

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Keeping customers engaged on your website has many benefits, and increasing your sales is one of them.

However, can you achieve this without being vocal about it? Can you engage website visitors without instructing them? How can you get visitors to spend more time on your website?

Engaging your customers on your website may require instructing and persuading them with the right words.

However, these six nonverbal website hacks aim to keep customers engaged will answer the questions above.

What Are Nonverbal Website Hacks To Keep Customers Engaged?

Have you ever landed on an eCommerce store and discovered that you spent more time checking out and buying products than you did budgeting?

If yes, then the nonverbal hacks discussed here are responsible for that.

These hacks involve improving your website user experience as well as personalizing it so that your customers feel at home while they explore your website.

Why Do You Need Nonverbal Website Hacks To Keep Your Customers Engaged?

Customer engagement is very important for revenue generation in every business. The more engaged your customers are, the greater the probability of them buying from you.

Below are some reasons to keep your customers engaged:

  • Engagement Brings Customer Satisfaction

If you have worked properly on your website’s front-end, your customers will enjoy visiting other website pages, which leaves them satisfied at the end of the day.

  • Better Sales Conversion

Converting your prospects to buyers is not a one-way process, but engaging your customers is sure to boost sales on your website.

  • Increased Website Traffic

Engaging your customers increases your website traffic because they will keep returning to get the same positive experience. This will eventually lead to customer retention.

1. Offer Live Chat on Your Website

Adding a live chat to your website is a powerful nonverbal hack to improve customer engagement and increase sales.

With technology improving everyday, customers expect faster customer service and personalization in their customer journeys. Ecommerce experiences are becoming more unique through their simplicity and seamless UX.

With that said, a live chat impact customer satisfaction by delivering a faster response time for customer service inquiries.

In fact, studies show that the average response time on social media is around 10 hours. With live chat, this time is reduced to 2 minutes.

Moreover chatbots can also be implemented to deliver automated customer service responses, focusing on quick handling time.

As a result, agents prioritize higher value, more complex customer service tasks instead of responding to common asked questions.

So, a live chat experience leads to a better customer experience, making your customers return to your website to purchase more products and services.

nonverbal website hack optimization

2. Increase Your Website Loading Time

Keeping your customers waiting too long before your webpage finally loads can reduce your engagement and conversion rate. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website loads fast to retain visitors on your pages.

Increasing your website load time will provide a good user experience and might prompt customers to engage with other pages on your website.

For instance, each time I visit a shoe store, I make sure to view as many available options as possible before making my choices. But when a website is too slow, I end up leaving and checking out another one that loads faster. And I’m certain you do the same. Nobody wants to spend the whole day on a website when they have other important things to do.

Therefore, you need to stop losing customers to competitors because of poor website loading speed. You will see some actionable steps to improve your website loading speed below;

  • Minimize HTML, JavaScript, and CSS – You can do this with any online tool or plugin. Minifycode.com is a great option to start with.
  • Use a fast DNS provider – there are a lot of them online, including free and paid. However, extensive research is needed to make the right choice.
  • Compress your images – You can do this manually if you do not have a lot of images uploaded to your website. But if you use WordPress, then a plugin will do the job for you.
  • Embed your videos – Consider using a third-party service instead of hosting your videos on your website if you are running a vlog or if you host webinars and conferences on your website.
  • Reduce Redirects – When there are too many redirects on your website, extra time will be needed for the page to load fully.
  • Use browser caching – This allows a page to be stored temporarily in a web browser to load faster.

3. Intuitive Navigation

Another nonverbal website hack to increase customer engagement is an intuitive navigation.

Nobody will engage with your website if they find it difficult to navigate.

It is your web designer’s job to design a website that is easy to navigate.

Your customers should be able to hover around your website with little or no guide.

Imagine having to spend a long time searching for the contact button on a webpage whenever you want to make an order.

A good website design is like laying a solid foundation for your business. You need an intuitive user interface to improve customer engagements on your website.

Meanwhile, below are some tips to improve your website’s navigation.

  • Divide your categories clearly – You need to ensure that your customers do not get confused navigating your website categories. You should also ensure that main categories can be easily differentiated from subcategories.
  • Keep your Navigation consistent – Your web page navigation should not keep changing from page to page.
  • Use the right navigation title – your customers must be able to predict what to expect from a page before opening it.
  • Functioning Search Feature – You should not underrate this feature as it is important for users searching for something they cannot find on your homepage. Also, you should ensure that this feature compensates for misspellings.

4. Make Your Website Mobile Adaptive

There are a lot of reasons why most people prefer browsing from their mobile devices as opposed to desktops, and they include portability, flexibility, versatility, and more.

Since many people are more comfortable browsing with their phones, your website should load properly on mobile to avoid losing customers.

By the way, here’s another nonverbal website hack that you can start applying today – mobile responsiveness. Below are some ways to ensure a mobile responsive website:

  • Use a Responsive Theme – if you use content management systems like WordPress, a responsive theme is the best option. A responsive theme adapts to any kind of device your website is being viewed on.
  • Use pops designed for mobile – Although having too many pop-ups is usually criticized, using just a few of them is not a bad idea. However, you should ensure that the pop-up is mobile responsive.

You can use the Google Mobile-Friendly Testtool to check if your website is mobile adaptive. Also, check the website loading speed for mobile separately.

5. Use HTML Tags Properly

HTML tags are not only important for SEO but also for customer engagement.

You need your HTML SEO intact to really boost your customer engagement on the search engine result page (SERP).
nonverbal website hacks coding

Your website Click through Rate (CTR), a major engagement metric, will be affected if your HTML tags are not properly set.

Meanwhile, below are some HTML tags you must know and how they affect engagement and CTR.

  • Title Tag – This tag should be the topic of the webpage and should include your target keyword. Your prospects are most likely to click on your website when they find exactly what they are searching for in the SERP title tag. Also, you should be creative with your title to attract more clicks.
  • Meta Description Tag – the meta description is a brief description of what to expect in the main content of the webpage and is shown on the SERP. Inserting the keyword in the meta description gives your prospects the impression that they have found the right page. Having a good meta description is a way to improve your CTR.
  • Header Tags – Headings are important to improve website readability, so they should not be neglected. Both header and title tags are important for SEO and for users to understand what your page content is about.

The HTML tags mentioned above make your content readable by search engines. Also, using them correctly can improve your website engagement by increasing your Click-through Rate.

6. Suggest Related Terms

Whenever your customers land on your website, you must provide them with related content or products to engage them.
If it is a blog post, you can suggest previous posts related to the main posts. An E-commerce store can suggest products related to the product the customer is checking at the moment.

For instance, you visit an online clothing store to buy a pair of blue jeans. Upon landing on the website, you find a pair of jeans that catch your attention, so you decide to place an order. But before proceeding to place the order, you find a t-shirt that matches the jeans, so you quickly add it to the cart. Then, on the t-shirts page, you find the perfect shoes for your previously selected items.

At the end of the day, you buy the shoes, a t-shirt, and jeans altogether.

You can tell from the above illustration that suggesting related terms is a good way to engage your customers.

Following this technique will engage your customers and boost other key performance metrics like page views, traffic, and time spent on site, among others.

Applying Nonverbal Website Hacks

Engaging your customers on your website is a sure way to increase website sales. It does not matter whether you do it verbally or nonverbally. However, we wrote this article to shine a light on nonverbal website techniques.

Meanwhile, don’t just learn these hacks. Put them into practice to get the desired result.

Also, we discovered that a lot of people online are interested in these nonverbal hacks to keep customers engaged, so we encourage you to share this article.



Author bio: Alina Tytarenko is part of the marketing team at the SE RankingSEO platform. She shares her experience in marketing techniques, link building, content marketing, and SEO with readers. Alina likes to explore new white hat hacks to improve website performance and surpass users’ expectations.

Published on: 29th March 2022

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