Customer Engagement Mastery: 4 Messaging Solutions To Engage Customers

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What Is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is the offline and online interactions between a company and a customer. It’s also used as a metric or indicator to measure the quality of customer interactions (clicks, opens, conversions, more). Strong customer engagement results in brand loyalty and increased trust.

The interactions that a brand has with customers are often on different channels and in varying capacities.

Each customer interaction requires a different process and carries a different priority. If you break down each customer journey, you have a list of multiple touchpoints that contribute to the overall business-customer relationship and communication.

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Engaging customers in today’s flooded markets have one differentiator: quality of service.

Providing personalized, instant, and positive customer experiences and touchpoints increases your chance of being more valuable than your competition. Now, let’s show you how you can achieve outstanding customer engagement on some popular channels.

How to Increase Customer Engagement with Mobile Messaging

1.     Create great customer journeys with rich messaging

First, to create personalized customer experiences means to know your customers’ needs and to connect them to individual products or services. Personalization can go from a simple “Hi Susan,” in your email opening, or to highly personalized experiences focused on specific products, offers, and communication channels relevant to individual customers.

Understanding how the personalization process works is essential. For instance, successful personalization programs can bring retailers a 20% higher customer satisfaction rate and a 10% – 15% boost in sales conversion rates.

One way to maximize personalization is with mobile messaging. More specifically, rich messaging gives brands full autonomy and control over the personalization of messages, landing pages, relevant offers, and communication channels.

Rich messaging gives you the ability to create personalized SMS and landing pages using your company’s custom font, logo, branding. More so, you can add multiple images, background colors, videos, GIFs, social links, and custom call-to-action buttons for a bigger impact.

customer engagement journey

2.     Focus on simplifying your customer experiences

The modern customer faces hundreds of choices every day. Don’t make your customer interactions and experiences more difficult than they should be. Concise and helpful customer journeys strengthen the relationship you have with your customers. For example, one survey conducted by a leading brand consultancy, found that brands perceived as providing the simplest, most seamless experiences boasted both the strongest stock performance and the most loyal customers.

Of course, simplicity is one factor. But you have to know what “simple” means to your customers. They might prefer SMS over live chat or speaking to a live agent over an automated call. The steps in their customer journey might be a few, while other customers prefer multiple authentication steps and security questions to verify the identity.

No matter the case, you should always choose a communication provider that follows extensive security practices to protect your customers’ information.

3.     Take advantage of conversational messaging

Conversational messaging is about elevating customer experiences on every channel. Whether that is providing quick resolutions, automating repetitive tasks, using live and virtual agents, and automating 1:1 conversation.

By automating routine tasks and providing self-service options to your customers, you can reduce operational costs and decrease the number of contact center agents needed to perform manual tasks.

VoiceSage has proved rates of 72% increase in operational costs and 61% increase in customer satisfaction using conversational messaging to enhance customer interactions. A key aspect of creating successful conversational messaging is in the development of scripts and conversation flows. Our customer engagement specialists are always taking the time to help design the best customer journeys so that you can achieve great results.

customer engagement messaging

4.     Predict customer expectations

Dynamic data lies at the heart of VoiceSage’s messaging platform. Our clients use our reporting to gain insights across their campaigns. Often complex key metrics are what drives business success. VoiceSage helps contact centers, financial teams, and marketing departments monitor important engagement data that is valuable in making their products and services better.

More so, we enhanced our reporting service by integrating into an extended AI technology to further detect anomalies in real-time. For example, a survey sent using our platform can receive customer responses in real-time. Then, the AI engine determines variances from a known set of good responses and alerts. With our combined technologies, we can alert brands of potential anomalies and events that may affect customer experiences as soon as they start.

Brands that act on predicted customer sentiment and analysis work more efficiently, improve communications and customer interactions. As a result, higher customer satisfaction leads to a decrease in intent to churn.

Wrapping Up Customer Engagement

Regardless of the channels you use for customer communications, mastering customer engagement requires time and dedication. Remember that creating the ability to self-serve for customers who chose it is incredibly valuable. Also, giving customers the option to switch channels and not lose the quality of the customer journey is another benefit.

The quality of service and level of engagement should be your measure of success. Stay as active and responsive as you can across the communication channels that your brand offers support.

Use the data from your customer interactions to make whatever is necessary to improve customer engagement and experience. Also, use data to anticipate customer sentiment and intention instead of asking for customer feedback. And lastly, make sure you design simple yet helpful touchpoints with your customer.

Talk to one of our specialists today about creating the journeys that will meet your desired customer engagement.

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Published on: 29th June 2021

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