Personalized Customer Experiences: What Brands Need to Know

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Would you define your customer experiences as being connected or disconnected? Connected experiences are more meaningful and they are mostly personalized customer experiences. They leverage data from automated processes and systems to build valuable and more personal relationships with customers across channels.

Personalized customer experiences are more adaptable, easier to consume, and help achieve goals in an efficient way. With that in mind, your companies’ communications should be clear and aligned with your own set of values. If you aim to achieve customer loyalty and retention, in particular, this article is the perfect read for you.

What Are Personalized Customer Experiences

Is a personalized customer experience simply a fancier name to customer support? Or is it a concept that brands have to integrate more in their marketing strategies? Do brands and customers understand customer experiences in the same way?

Firstly, personalization in customer experiences isn’t a new concept. Whether you are working in marketing, sales, customer support, customer experience is the overall impression you leave on your customers as a brand throughout all aspects of the customer journey.

Grow Your Profits by Caring About Your Customers

Rather than hiring more customer service agents or making mass audience-based assumptions on redesigning customer journeys, it’s time to zoom in on the individual in order to deliver unique one-to-one customer experiences.

Mastering digital experiences is wonderful as long as you understand how each customer wants to be cared for. This is particularly challenging for companies that want to embrace digital transformation but are not focusing on customer-led strategies.

Creating remarkable personalized customer experiences takes time, but it’s worth doing because the results will be reflecting the efforts. Personalization is like manifestation. If you put in value for your customers, they will generate value for your business.

The value can mean higher revenue, customer retention, customer loyalty, increased customer spend, online praised, positive feedback, or more.

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Techniques Used In Personalized Customer Experiences

Using personalization techniques shows that you treat your customers well and is ultimately a technique combining art and science. Understanding data such as customer behaviour, shopping patterns, preferences, dislikes.

Putting the customer at the heart of the decision making capitalizes the idea of delivering valuable customer service and relevant content. Caring about your customers goes beyond making noise about a new product launch. It’s about solving a real problem, filling a desperate need, providing enjoyment, and reassuring safety.

True personalization is about caring enough to amplify individual customers’ needs and practicing active listening to keep the message authenticity. How does this sound to you? Do you feel disconnected from your customers? How optimistic do you feel to provide an accurate description of your micro audience segments – one that mirrors your audience’s truth?

Unfortunately, personalizing customer service is not a breezy thing to do. It takes an army of people collaborating and bringing innovative ideas to create a single, unified, and harmonious customer experience.

It’s exciting though as this personalization is a mere drop in the world of on-going digital transformation projects. It can open the door to unlimited possibilities for personalization and feed ideas to hungry new marketing generations.

Instead of doing something at the drop of a hat, bring all your teams together to define a new personalization strategy. You’re more likely to get valuable input from marketing teams, customer service departments, sales, operations, data, and CX if you all put your thinking hats on.

Quick Ways You Can Provide More Personalized Experiences

  • Use your customer’s first name – hearing or reading your name makes you feel connected to the person saying it. There’s nothing worse than receiving a text or an email with “Dear customer…”
  • Implement a loyalty program – marketing strategies including loyalty programs are winning because they keep customers interested in latest products and services by offering them exclusive discounts and offers
  • Use conversational marketing – customer-centric dialogue is used by forward-thinking companies to increase conversions and grow revenue
  • Provide multiple customer service channels – make sure you provide help on multiple channels and you have agents allocated to each one
  • Be more empathetic – respect and professionalism is one thing and being more empathetic is another; show more kindness to your customers and that will manifest back at you
  • Collect and interpret data smart – hire data specialists to collect and process data that benefit you and your selling strategies
  • Create better transitions in customer journeys – all your customer touchpoints need to flow without interruption; a cloud communication platform will allow your agents to switch between channels and conversations
  • Be proactive – predict frequently asked questions or issues and fix them before your customers reach out to you
  • Make product recommendations based on past experiences – the data you collect can predict shopping trends and customer behaviour, so take advantage of it

Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences on Every Channel

As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, connected customer experiences use data from automated processes and self-learning software to build meaningful relationships with customers across multiple channels.

An omnichannel approach to customer service enables companies to harness the power of messaging. Whether that’s SMS, rich messaging, WhatsApp, chatbots, and voice, messaging has become the most popular and instant form of communication.

Due to its convenience, it has become easy to deliver personalized customer experiences on mobile channels. Conversations occurring on mobile devices tend to be more casual and personal. So, companies can take advantage of this factor when including text messaging into the communication strategy.

Connecting messaging channels to customer support agents creates a synergy where agents have access to customer interactions, transcripts, analytics, and other essential information.

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In conclusion, use personalized customer service to boost your revenue and customer retention. Begin by building a personalized system that is cross-functional amongst marketing, operations, and support teams.

Finding the right partner to help you start your personalization program and connect to your audience is crucial. VoiceSage can help you accelerate a successful strategy that will lead you to a greater customer engagement, connected experiences, and increased customer loyalty.

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Published on: 9th February 2022

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