Digital Customer Experience Conference Manchester 2018

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One of the UK’s foremost digital customer experience conferences is coming to Manchester on October the 3rd. VoiceSage are delighted to be attending.

As well showcasing our own suite of CX technologies and solutions, we are looking forward to presentations from thought leaders in the Customer Experience community. We’re particularly excited to hear from Mark Billingham, Group Customer Service Director at Shop Direct, and  Gavin Holland, Design Manager at Capital One UK.

Between them, both brands have used the VoiceSage customer engagement platform to assess customer satisfaction, design and deliver detailed customer surveys, and support Voice of the Customer programmes.

Given the adaptability of VoiceSage interface and API as a customer engagement tool, it is also used for automated notifications, two-way SMS messaging, interactive text messaging, collecting payments, user identification, marketing campaigns, and more.

As it’s a one day event, there’s a lot packed, but some of the other talks on the team’s list are the sessions on ‘Customer Service and Frontline Delivery’, and ‘Data and Insight’.

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Technology to enable customer experience

Of particular interest to us is the session on ‘Measuring Customer Engagement, Impact & ROI To Drive Continuous Improvement & Prove Departmental Value’. Customer Experience improvement is a key strategic differentiator for any customer focused brand. This is particularly important at a departmental level, as varied areas of the business (marketing, logistics, collections, support, etc etc.) become more focused on CX.

Finding the right technology to enable that can be a challenge. Visit or stand on the day, or contact to see how we’ve helped Capital One, Shop Direct, and other big B2C brands deliver on their plans to make Customer Experience a key strategic focus across all departments.

Here are just some of the technologies we’ll be showcasing to help enable your customer experience goals.

21 Cross-Sector Thought Leaders Share Their Strategies On Harnessing The Optimal Tools & Technologies To Create Outstanding Customer Journeys, Leverage The Voice Of The Customer With Clever Data Management, Empower Employees To Drive A Customer-Centric Culture & Excellent Frontline Customer Service & Impact The Bottom Line:

  1. Guarantee First-Rate, Seamless Customer Journeys: Maximise brand presence, exposure, engagement and consistency across multiple customer touchpoints
  2. Exploit Cutting-Edge Tools, Technologies & Innovations: Extract real value from the latest technologies set to disrupt the customer experience landscape
  3. Leverage The Customer Voice, Exceed Expectations: Tap into consumer feedback to align your organisation with customer demands
  4. Extract Actionable Insights From Customer Data: Mission-critical customer insights through savvy data analysis – what makes your customers tick?
  5. Empower Employees To Live & Breathe A Culture Of Customer-Centricity: Drive an ethos of customer satisfaction and upskill staff to deliver optimal experiences
  6. Streamlined, Optimised Digital Touchpoints: Quick and easy wins to minimise customer and employee pain points across social and digital channels
  7. Measure Engagement, Impact & ROI: Drive continuous improvement and convince senior stakeholders of the bottom-line impact
  8. Deliver Exceptional Frontline Customer Service: Minimise discontent and boost loyalty with authentic and efficient frontline customer experiences

10 Advanced Sessions Focusing on Your Toughest Challenges:

  • Customer Journeys
  • New Technologies & Innovations
  • Customer Expectations, Voice & Feedback
  • Data & Insight
  • Employee Engagement & Internal Culture
  • Digital Experiences
  • Measuring Impact & ROI
  • Customer Service & Frontline Contact
  • Best-In-Class Customer Engagement
  • Social Media

Published on: 20th August 2018

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