The Secret to Why Amazon Customer Experiences Are Unbeatable

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Known as the world’s leading digital retailer, Amazon customer experiences have been driving the eCommerce industry forward.

The company originally started as an online bookselling company. But it gradually expanded into providing eCommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and AI services.

There is no doubt that Amazon has come a long way since its founder, Jeff Bezos, set up the business in his garage in 1994.

In the past 28 years, Amazon has lived and breathed the four principles that made the company the most successful customer centric brand in the world. Let’s dig into them to understand why Amazon customer experiences are hard to beat.

Amazon’s Four Customer Experience Principles

Amazon is guided by four principles:

  • customer obsession rather than competitor focus
  • passion for invention
  • commitment to operational excellence
  • long-term thinking

If these principles have a bit of external focus, then you should consider their more internal promises to their employees. Think of these are personal commitments that Jeff Bezos made to all his staff and that is to make Amazon:

  • To be Earth’s most customer-centric company
  • Earth’s best employer
  • Earth’s safest place to work

You see, leadership principles don’t have to be boring. They have to be inspirational wall-hanging promises that are being held every single day by everyone in the company.

Follow Amazon’s example while setting these principles and abide by them to make sure you offer guaranteed customer and employee satisfaction.

Delivery and Returns

Amazon’s logistics operation is the best in the world with lots of options for quick delivery and returns. The company has exceeded customer expectations by making sure orders are delivered with minimal effort on the customer’s part.

They put effort into creating the buying journey as smooth as possible for their customers and in return, customers keep coming back.

As an online retailer, one of the biggest challenges is competing with an ever-changing economy. In order to make delivery easy for customers, retailers can introduce SMS delivery notifications.

On average, it costs a retailer £21 for a late delivery, while replacing a lost parcel costs an average of £123. No one likes to miss a delivery. Not letting your customers about their orders’ status will lead to poor customer satisfaction.

Therefore, choose a proactive communication solution like SMS for deliveries and reduce up to 50% inbound call volumes, whilst decreasing missed deliveries by 20%.

amazon customer experience warehouse

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Part of a great customer experience is to consider delivering an omnichannel strategy. As one of the first online retailers, Amazon has set the bar standards high in eCommerce.

Simply put, omnichannel retail or commerce is the multichannel approach to sales that is focused on delivering a seamless customer experience.

To succeed in providing consistent experience across all channels your company uses, please make sure you have an omnichannel communication solution in place.

Communicate proactively with your customers by:

  • continuing the same experience across devices without interruptions
  • picking-up the last conversation via live chat
  • transferring the customer to a live agent when required
  • notifying customers of any importance changes in their orders

Amazon’s Hyper-Personalized Approach

It’s no secret that Amazon customer experiences are heavily hyper-personalized. The online retailer invested in sophisticated AI and machine learning to power up its recommendation engines.

Using customer data to create unique experiences and recommendations is Amazon’s strategy to match the customer’s interest to products they desire.

Every year, more customers say they want personalized marketing. Whether it’s an email or SMS campaign, customers want to buy from brands they trust and that offer a personalized shopping experience.

That’s why your campaigns have to go beyond basic personalization — like including customer names in an email campaign — because this doesn’t encourage engagement or impact conversion.

amazon customer experience store

Customer Focus

Amazon has laser focus on improving customer experiences, products, and services.

As masters in customer centricity they prove that customer experience management includes the whole customer life cycle.

From a website visit to purchase and customer service, they lead the industry with exceptional customer engagement and retention.

Putting customers first generates most and longest lasting business value. Knowing to anticipate customer needs is not an easy thing. Here are a few tips that we recommend using in your communication strategy:

  • Adopt a multichannel approach
  • Be polite and proactive when helping customers
  • Offer 24/7 customer support
  • Have a live chat with an option to speak to a live agent
  • Know the times when customers prefer to be contacted
  • Follow-up with helpful tips


As a customer-centric company, Amazon customer experiences are hard to beat. The company has won the award for a customer focused company. If you want to fill the gaps in your communication strategy, engage customers, and increase the satisfaction overall, please get in touch with VoiceSage.

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Published on: 16th November 2022

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