The cost of missed deliveries

One of the major challenges that logistics companies and retailers deal with is around deliveries and redelivery of items when customers aren’t available.

On average, it costs a retailer £21 for a late delivery, while replacing a lost parcel costs an average of £123. No one likes to miss a delivery. Not letting your customers about their orders’ status will lead to poor customer satisfaction.

This can be easily reduced with proactive delivery notification solutions with a predetermined delivery time maximises on-time acceptance of packages and increases customer satisfaction.

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Lack of communication

A checkout experience should inform the customer of the order confirmation and expected delivery date. There is usually little opportunity for customers to speak with the delivery service or drivers to update them of an address change or a new delivery timing. Because customers can’t get in touch directly with the retailer, this may lead to low customer satisfaction and customer loss.

Direct communication via SMS and Rich Media Messaging are methods that can solve delivery problems in a timely manner. They send out instantly to large databases and can be created within minutes. Improve the efficiency of your delivery notifications with VoiceSage.

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What Logistics Companies & Customers Want

Fast and easy communication is key to success in the logistics industry. VoiceSage’s delivery notifications, reliability and speed of delivery are just a few reasons why big brands like The Very Group and Wickes chose us in the first place and why they are delighted with our services.

What we achieved for The Very Group:delivery notifications sms voicesage

  • 50% reduction in inbound call volumes
  • 20% reduction in missed deliveries
  • 4-fold increase in customer engagement

Choose VoiceSage’s delivery notification services to reduce missed deliveries:

  • SMS for order confirmation
  • Interactive communication using Rich Media Messaging
  • Chatbot solutions
  • Delivery notification and scheduler
  • Collect payments easier
  • Simplify customer journey
  • Create an efficient logistics process for retailers and customers