How To Use SMS Chatbots To Enhance Customer Experience

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SMS Chatbots enable you to create and deliver entire conversations without the need for agent interaction. They are perfect for automating your communications to engage customers and improve their experience. By outlining your conversation flowcharts in advance, you can design engaging conversations and deliver high-quality customer support at lower costs. Here are many ways that you can use VoiceSage’s SMS Chatbots to enhance customer experience.

Use SMS Chatbots to Send Satisfaction Surveys

Conducting satisfaction surveys is an excellent way to gain valuable feedback that can help you improve customer experience. Sending surveys via text message can achieve much higher response rates than other channels. A retail client of ours attained a response rate of 8.5% in a tight timeframe, which more than met their required sample size. With SMS based chatbots, you can send automated, personalized surveys to your customers. Unlike website chatbots, customers can reopen SMS messages at any time so that they can conveniently re-engage and complete surveys whenever and wherever it suits them.

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Send Abandoned Cart Reminders

As shoppers abandon over 88% of online orders, why not send reminders to your customers to recover their abandoned carts? Proactively engaging with customers via SMS Chatbots is a great way to win back sales. According to research surveys, business leaders claim that chatbots have boosted sales by 67%. SMS Chatbots give you the ability to ask customers if they’d like to return to their cart and complete their purchase. You can even include exclusive discount codes or further offers to inspire your customers to make the transaction.


Manage Appointments and Deliveries

Manage appointments easily with SMS Chat. You can send automated booking reminders to customers before their appointments, and provide self-serve options so that they can confirm, cancel, or reschedule without the need for an agent. Likewise, you can notify customers of their delivery time window, and give them the option to make changes. If the customer requires further help, you can even provide the option to continue the SMS conversation with a live agent.


Use SMS Chatbots to Collect Payments

SMS payment reminders are a great way to engage customers and encourage them to make a payment. Using automated SMS prompts, one of our financial clients achieved a higher rate of conversions of ‘promises to pay’, with 60% less agent resource. With SMS Chatbots, customers can quickly make mobile payments without ever having to leave the text message they received. Payments can be made within the message via secure gateways using the provider of your choice. Our ID & Verification also automatically identifies and verifies customers using advanced methods to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity. This not only improves the customer experience by simplifying the payment process, but it also reassures the customer that their data is safe.

Learn more about how mobile payments can benefit you: Here’s How Automated Payment Reminders Can Increase Collection Rates

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Get Started With SMS Chatbots

We would love to speak with you about how you can get started with SMS Chatbots. Book a demo with our team today to find out more about how we can help you conduct satisfaction surveys, boost sales, manage appointments, collect payments, and enhance the customer experience.


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Published on: 1st December 2020

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