AI and Chatbots will become the core of customer service

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Check out some great new video content we’ve shared on YouTube.

There are some vox pop highlights from the recent Customer Engagement Summit in November.

The first one is a set of comments and observations on the important issue of the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and chatbots in customer service.


AI and Bots in Customer Service for 2018 - VoiceSage


In it, we get some great contributions from a range of customer engagement practitioners and experts including Stuart Walsh of telecoms firm Cycle Global, Dawn Roberts of Express Gifts and Rich Davies of Barclays.

A couple of standout quotes:

“AI and its role in customer service? It will absolutely be at its core” – Stuart Walsh, Account Director, Cyclone Global

“We need to ensure these technologies work well, but we also have to keep the human touch; a lot of our customers are really ringing us up for reassurance now, and we always need to be able to handle that. At the same time, maybe we can automate some of the more routine calls they need to make” – Rich Davies, Head of Colleague Wellbeing & Citizenship at Barclays UK Retail and Business Bank, Barclays

We hope you find the video useful.

Lee Trenam, Senior Account Director

Published on: 8th February 2018

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