Communication Best Practices for Organizations Working to Contain Coronavirus

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Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak in China, as well as other countries in Asia, Europe, America and Africa, people from the rest of the world are growing concerned that the virus will continue to spread and eventually reach their country. BBC’s recent news confirms the number of infections worldwide is now more than 111,000, with about 3,890 deaths. Measures to delay the spread of Coronavirus in the UK are being considered by health officials. In times like this, communication is extremely important. Public services are making efforts to inform people of any restrictions on travel, school closures, large gatherings cancellations like concerts, funerals, cruises and more.

Reach out to more people by using their preferred communication channels

There have been restrictions on movement for residents. In the UK, people at risk due to a recent travel or contact with a known case are advised on how they should act via SMS.

Moreover, everyone arriving in Britain would receive an automatic Coronavirus warning on their mobile phone under emergency plans drawn up by public health chiefs. Officials have asked to meet phone companies to discuss a major new alerting system to respond to the crisis, The Telegraph has learned.

As the global government, health professionals, and non-profit communities work together to stop the spread of COVID-19, our team at VoiceSage is determined to help organizations proactively communicate with employees and citizens to keep each other safe. Keeping people informed is critical. The best thing to do is to share best practices via the most accessible form of communication – mobile messaging.

How Can Organizations Improve Communication Relating to Coronavirus

NHS medical practices are constantly sending notifications alerting people of what they should/shouldn’t do if they were in contact with a person at risk. Schools are sending out SMS notifications to inform students to stay at home. And travel agencies are keeping their customers up to date with latest travel news, alerts and possible restrictions.

By deploying automated SMS, Interactive Voice Messaging, chatbots and other self-service capabilities to share public service information will put the right information in the hands of citizens more efficiently.

The faster the message gets to people, the better. Many organizations offer phone support, some prefer to add rich media content like video, images, PDF to share information and others prefer chatbot functionality to make the service more accessible. Choosing an optichannel communication approach to drive up customer satisfaction and address public health information means that you are reaching out to people on their preferred channel at the right time.

VoiceSage are offering a professional managed service, so the set-up and use of the platform is straight forward and easy. To speed up the process of reaching out to people, our team will create messaging campaigns and run them on your behalf.

Contact VoiceSage if you are looking for a proactive communication platform to keep everyone informed and safe during the coronavirus pandemic.


Published on: 11th March 2020

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