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VoiceSage is a global communication platform that centralizes all your business-customer communications into a single view. We are delighted to announce that we made significant enhancements to our platform which gives companies the ability to streamline the delivery of integrated and cohesive experiences across channels into a single view. This is a game changer and we are really excited to launch this and offer it to the market.

Brands across many industries are having business-to customer and customer-to-business conversations across multiple communication channels like voice, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Viber, live-chat, apps, etc. Offering multiple channels mean that customers can use endless ways to engage with a company asking varied questions from simple information requests, how to buy products or services, make an appointment, or give feedback.

This is great but can also come with various issues. As a result of having a multichannel strategy, many companies deal with channel fragmentation (silo systems to deal with each channel) due to issues in integration leading to a poor and inefficient customer experience. Fragmentation of consumer communication underlines how important it is to have a seamless, integrated customer experience.

According to Forrester, 95% of consumers use three or more channels in a single customer service interaction, with 62% of them using multiple devices. Mastering the perfect customer journey takes time and effort.

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The Solution to All Channel Fragmentation Issues

VoiceSage are always looking for new ways to improve how brands communicate with their customers and prospective customers. The latest series of enhancements in our platform will help solve the customer fragmentation issue that is so common nowadays.

With an integrated optichannel communication platform, each channel will be up to date with the customer’s conversation. Keeping all customer interactions into a single view will help contact centres to resolve their issues in a very straight forward manner. On the other hand, companies can provide an efficient customer experience. Eliminate the need for customers to repeat themselves or being passed to different departments.

All communication will flow through one section of our console, so agents don’t have to switch between screens. They will be able to switch communication channels with ease and have tools that assist them with their day-to-day jobs leveraging machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). We support multiple messaging channels for business-customer conversations and they will all benefit from chatbot, AI and automation.
Rich Media Messaging
• Email

Increased Use of AI and Machine Learning in Business-Customer Communications

Gartner predict that AI is going to take care of all tier-one tasks related to customer interactions by 2020. This will enable employees to shift their focus to complex tasks. With that being said, we wanted to combine human agents and AI driven chatbots to enhance customer experience.

We have added AI agent support and chatbot integrations to our contact centre management portal to enhance customer experience and reduce operational costs.

Increased automation and diversity of the customer contact channels will simplify customer interactions. Our chatbot services will always try to complete a query or simple task before escalating to a live agent. Once an agent steps in, he will be presented will all the relevant data/information about that specific call.

Boosting Contact Centres with Conversational AI

Smart customer contact is the next step in improving contact centres operations. A common challenge such as high inbound calls can be solved with our chatbots. So that agents are provided with much needed relief and a boost in call/contact centre productivity.

VoiceSage’s chatbots use AI algorithms to emulate human conversation. They combine NLP and machine learning capabilities to understand user queries and provide relevant responses. Conversational AI is now available on Voicesage’s communication platform. As part of our on-going digital transformation project, we can provide AI as a service. We want to provide brands with a solution that meets their customers’ need: to interact quickly on the channel of their choice.

Contact centres can deploy an AI-powered virtual assistant in their IVM, chat, SMS, RMM or WhatsApp interfaces to resolve a large proportion of interactions. VoiceSage can help you create the virtual assistant to be fully integrated and trained, so it becomes a valuable asset for the contact centre. It can easily be adapted to new business’ objectives, processes, rules, and APIs so that your customers’ ability to self-serve increases.

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Customer self-service
FAQ bots that help the customer with a quick resolution for simple tasks. These bots will be available across multiple channels and will have the ability to escalate to live agents when necessary.

Agent Assistance
1. Omnichannel messaging within a single user interface or API
2. Live-call analytics that drive agent efficiencies by providing real-time data
3. Analytics that allow you to perform better by leveraging machine learning

Leverage Bigdata and AI
Continue to improve bots and CX by looking at past engagements. Machine Learning and Conversational AI delivers improved customer engagement in time, interaction after interaction.


• Out-of-the-box solution. It’s quick to set up, cost-effective, and easy to use.
• Single view of all communication channels, without having to switch between systems.
• No need to hire a team of experts or develop complex infrastructure.
• It’s flexible. The VoiceSage management portal provides customization options, so you can adapt the available tools to your business needs.
• It’s scalable. You can scale up or down based on your business needs and growth.

Solve Fragmentation Issues to Boost Business-Customer Communications

Fragmented channels can lead to a lack of business agility, loss of customers and high costs.
Your total cost of ownership within each channel goes up and the overall customer experience can suffer from longer handling times and a lack of context from previous interactions on different channels.

To overcome all of these problems, choose VoiceSage as your business-customer communication partner. We can help you identify the right moment, resource, and connection to deliver great experiences for your customers.

Enable agents to see a complete business-customer conversation across all channels in single view. Let’s talk and see how we can help you drive more revenue and greater customer experiences for your company.

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Published on: 13th April 2021

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