AI in Customer Support: The Next Revolution in Customer Service [with Examples]

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AI in customer support is like having a virtual assistant that can answer questions and solve problems for customers. Just as a personal assistant can help manage one’s schedule and handle routine tasks, AI-powered support tools can handle basic customer inquiries, leaving human support agents free to focus on more complex issues.

Like personal assistants, AI support tools can learn and adapt over time, becoming more efficient and effective at their tasks. Additionally, just as a personal assistant can be available 24/7, AI support tools can provide around-the-clock support to customers, ensuring that their needs are always met.

How Necessary is AI Customer Support?

A fast pace is an understatement for the world we live in today, especially in the digital customer engagement era. And while companies have been using traditional methods of customer support, such as email and phone calls, there has been a significant shift towards the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer support. With AI tools and machine learning, customer support teams can be more efficient and fast in helping customers solve their issues.

If you’re asking what’s driving digital engagement and how you can be more present for your customers, on all digital channels, you’ll soon find the answer.

Digital customer engagement is the sum of all digital interactions that your business has with your customers. It includes the way you interact with them and how they perceive your brand.

From a marketing perspective, the way you make your customers feel will resonate like an echo for years. It’s so easy to get a bad reputation if you disappoint your customers, and the closest team that can handle customer interactions badly is usually the customer service team.

Now, to avoid bad customer service and provide your customers with engaging and positive customer support, let’s see how implementing AI in customer support will help you achieve that.

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Why AI Matters in Customer Service

AI-powered customer support involves the use of chatbots, voice assistants, and other intelligent tools to provide quick and effective support to customers. These tools can be programmed to provide instant responses to frequently asked questions and can also learn from past interactions to improve their responses over time.

The benefits of using AI are many. For one, it can significantly reduce the workload on customer support teams by handling simple queries and requests. This allows support agents to focus on more complex issues, resulting in faster resolution times and increased customer satisfaction.

AI Customer Support Examples


Chatbots were the first type of AI customer support tool that was created, and they haven’t lost their importance since. With AI-powered chatbots, customer support teams can ensure fast responses to messages, even during periods of high demand such as off-hours, holidays, or busy periods.

Multilingual support

Language detection, translation, language generation and learning are only a few things in which AI can support multilingual customer support. Regardless of your customers’ language preferences, you can tailor messages to fit every customer in your spectrum.

Voice assistants

Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant can also be used in customer support. Customers can use their voices to ask for help and receive instant assistance, even when they’re not in front of a computer.

Sorting, routing, and automating emails

You can now send engaging email campaigns using personalization and customer behaviour data. More so, there are tools which help businesses with the classification of emails, so the right request goes to the most appropriate team within minutes.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis involves using natural language processing to analyze customer feedback and determine the overall sentiment. This can help companies identify common issues or areas of improvement and take action to address them.

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Data interpretation

AI is known for examining massive amounts of data and patterns which lets organizations improve decision-making and planning. Having a complete view of the data architecture not only helps you predict trends and be prepared for anomalies, but it improves customer engagement.

Automatic ticket creation

AI-enabled customer support systems free up your agents to concentrate entirely on assisting customers, without the need to create a ticket or record conversation information.

Personalized customer support

Another example of how AI can improve customer experience is through personalization. Personalization can help you make better decisions when planning campaigns, creating messaging, or revising customer satisfaction metrics.


AI-powered support tools can also be available 24/7, providing customers with instant support at any time of the day. This can help businesses provide a more seamless customer experience, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

You can empower conversations with VoiceSage’s customer engagement solutions that have helped organizations speed up response rates, automate low-value tasks, and be proactive in customer interactions.

In summary, AI and machine learning have revolutionized the way customer support is provided. By automating simple tasks and providing personalized support, businesses can not only improve their efficiency and response times but also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Published on: 9th May 2023

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