Vonage Partners with VoiceSage to Help Businesses Transform Customer Engagement with Rich Media Messaging

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Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, is partnering with VoiceSage, a global proactive communications provider based in Ireland, UK, Spain and Dubai, to enable companies to transform their customer experiences through enhanced messaging powered by Vonage.

The VoiceSage Rich Media Messaging (RMM) solution is a messaging service that leverages Vonage Communications Platform APIs and offers businesses a richer experience through personalised mobile journeys with the ability for customers to self-serve, from bill payments to marketing and customer service. By adjusting the types of messages delivered, companies from retail, marketing, financial services, utilities, travel and logistics can improve customer engagement and increase operational efficiency.

“VoiceSage provides businesses with fast, reliable and cost-effective ways of keeping in touch with their customers and staff,” comments Paul Cogan, Chief Operating Office, VoiceSage. “With Vonage’s direct connections to all mobile networks and VoiceSage’s highly reliable in-house communication platform, we are confident that we have the best communication solutions on the market.”

“VoiceSage has risen to the challenge of the day by accelerating its digital transformation to keep customers and providers safely distant while offering a richer customer experience,” said Omar Javaid, President, Vonage API Platform Group. “This is the value that our Communications Platform brings to customers all over the world, and we’re proud to work with partners like VoiceSage to drive innovation and growth.”

The Vonage Communications Platform brings both power and flexibility to businesses through the integration of multiple channels − video, voice, chat, messaging, email, and verification − into their applications, products, and workflows to create new paradigms in their industries. With an ever-growing network of more than one million registered developers, the Vonage Communications Platform makes it easy for businesses to use APIs to disrupt their industries, and enable the type of business continuity, remote work, and remote delivery of services that is so essential in today’s environment.

The collaboration between VoiceSage and Vonage represents a step-change in the way both businesses address the needs of the market and how to improve communications and drive growth. We aim to provide proprietary access to tools, technologies, and delivery capabilities that help businesses around the world deliver breakthrough results.

Published on: 25th February 2021

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