VoiceSage Interactive Text Messaging|One-Way & Two -Way Text Conversations

Interactive Text Messaging

interactive text messaging

Send and Receive Smarter Texts with VoiceSage Interactive Text Messaging

Enrich customer conversations with unlimited personalisation that ensures relevant and timely text messages are delivered and responded to.

Interactive Text Messaging reduces contact cost and improves right party contact rates and overall contact performance with one-way messages and two-way interactive text conversations.

Interactive Text

From simple fire and forget outbound SMS to more complex interactive text conversations, VoiceSage's Interactive Text Messaging Solutions engage customers via a channel that they are comfortable with and that delivers far greater response rates than email.

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Outbound One Way Texts

Simple one-way informational text messages to get the message out. Perfect for sending out notifications and updates. Easy to set up, easy to deploy and keeps customers up-to-date. Simple, yet effective.

Outbound Interactive Text Messaging

Embed any number of interactions to trigger automated responses to guide customers in their responses, for example:

  • Add Keywords "TALK", "PAY", "CALL"
  • Transfer call back into call centre
  • Connect to payment gateways
  • Direct to specific urls
  • Trigger outbound voice messages

Create campaigns in a few simple steps. Deploy and analyse performance in real-time, measure engagement and response rates, successful outcomes analysis and much more.


  • Unlimited personalisation
  • No limit on number of contacts per campaign
  • Message length in excess of 160 characters
  • Complete message interaction audit trail
  • Reporting and statistical analysis
  • Fully automation via API
  • Trigger text messages on specific events
  • Short codes
  • Run multiple campaign simultaneously

Text Conversations

One-to-one, agent to customer text messaging sessions that can be triggered automatically from internal data systems and initiate two-way communication with customers.

Whether your objective is to collect payment, schedule deliveries or follow up customer service queries, text conversations are an effective, cost efficient form of customer engagement that customers are shown to prefer to phone.

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Giving agents the flexibility to engage with "live" responses or to send templated text messages from their desktops, this one to one dialogue empowers agents to engage with customers with fully personalised messages, to deliver a better customer experience and better results.

  • More efficient than agents and diallers
  • One agent can manage 30+ conversations
  • 99.5% customer satisfaction rating


  • Personalised sms messages
  • Unlimited templates
  • Fully PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant
  • 100% compliant with full audit trail capabilities
  • Blends with other contact approaches – voice
  • Interactive so allows automatic re-direction to operator or payment portal
  • Real-time custom reporting
  • Seamless integration into back-office systems, where required

In Action


Collect more, faster with less resources

  • Pre-delinquent notifications
  • Customer payment arrears management
  • Late stage and recoveries messaging
  • Automate payments and confirmations
  • Secure collection of self-service auto payments

Delivery & Appointment Reminders

Reduce delivery no-shows and appointment Do Not Attends

  • Automate delivery despatch alerts
  • Real-time delivery and order confirmation
  • Delivery delays and out of stock notifications
  • Collection service notifications
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Appointment and delivery rescheduling
  • Post event surveys

Customer Service

  • Issue escalation
  • Post event follow up
  • Application completion messages
  • Customer alerts
  • CSAT and NPS surveys


  • Sales promotion notifications
  • On-line forgotten order reminders
  • Cross and upselling notifications
  • Reorder and renewals reminders
  • Catalogue confirmation requests
  • Product and Service Notifications
  • Reactive dormant accounts