Increase Holiday Sales with Christmas Text Messaging Campaigns

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Christmas sales require more than simply a killer advertisement. To increase sales in the upcoming weeks, it is essential to get your brand into your clients’ heads. It could be difficult to attract an audience during this Christmas season. This is especially true with so many businesses vying for their customers’ attention. The best strategy is to blend email, SMS, and social media to create an integrated experience. This article discusses ways to increase holiday sales using Christmas text messaging campaigns.

What Are Text Messaging Campaigns or SMS Marketing Campaigns?

A text message delivered to a large number of recipients, typically for marketing objectives, is known as an SMS campaign. A Christmas text messaging campaign focuses on meeting marketing objectives with text messages during the festive seasons. The messages that advertise deals and discounts are the most prevalent.

A text message campaign often involves the use of a content strategy. Content strategy refers to distributing the appropriate content to the appropriate audience. It ensures it is done at the appropriate time and location. A content strategy is a plan that makes use of content to further your business’s goals. These resources may be written, audio, or visual in nature.

The most effective way to communicate important information to individuals is through SMS campaigns. It performs best when used in conjunction with other marketing channels, like online push or email.

SMS marketing efforts are similar to email marketing campaigns in many ways, but they are much more personalized. This is so that people can communicate with their friends and family more often when using text messaging.

SMS marketing may be segmented, just like email marketing, so you can send your audience various messages. Effective text message marketing can be automated, just like emails. You design a campaign, select an audience or recipient segment, and send it to the list you just chose. You can also incorporate email header analysis into SMS text messaging.

Email header analyzer is as easy as reading the email header to comprehend its technical aspects. It is packed with information that can be used to diagnose issues, make corrections, and evaluate how emails were handled.

Christmas text messaging campaigns ideas

How to Raise Holiday Sales with Christmas Text Messaging Campaigns

1. Use SMS to Encourage Customers to Visit Your Shop In-Person

Create extra SMS marketing campaigns to encourage your customers to make more purchases during the holiday season. You can engage clients all the time by setting up a cycle of three to four messages.

Send SMS coupons for gifts with purchases to your consumers, either online or in-store. These SMS rewards can encourage frequent visitors to your site. They become power users by increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Think about offering packages of goods or campaigns that boost discounts based on the size of the cart. Encourage people to come into your store by offering a unique promotion, such as:

  • Giving the first 100 customers the chance to win a prize.
  • Get a bonus gift when you spend more than an amount in-store or online.
  • Present a text voucher for a unique surprise discount.

2. Have Limited-Time Exclusive SMS Offers

Everyone enjoys receiving exclusive offers, and deadlines inspire people. Combine the two with an alluring holiday promotion that is only available to SMS subscribers. SMS marketing platforms can help inform your customers of your latest promotions. This is so that they can receive special discounts on their preferred products if they act quickly. These great Christmas SMS marketing campaigns will help make this holiday season one to remember.

3. Send SMS Gift Codes

During the Christmas season, give your most devoted clients a little something extra in appreciation. Give them a gift, early access to a promotion, or unique merchandise as a surprise. It will enable you to maintain them for many years.

Increase customer loyalty by rewarding them more when they refer their friends and family to your store. You can text them a special gift code that they can use to give to others. They’ll be delighted by your consideration. You’ll also gain more clients without exerting additional effort.

4. Flash Sales and Freebies

Customers can be strongly motivated by discounts. Why not think about holding a Christmas flash sale? This helps provide discounts on a few things for a happy hour if you’re hesitant to discount stock for a prolonged period over Christmas.

For each user on your SMS marketing list, create a special, non-shareable code if you are offering a coupon. Freebies can be extra products offered with purchases or redeemable vouchers. For instance, if your delivery order is over a certain amount, you can add a free dessert item.

Customers anticipate starting their holiday shopping early to take advantage of bargains. This is because the holidays may be costly. This suggests that a special offer or freebie is necessary for your holiday marketing to succeed.

5. Customized Text Message

Customers value a simple and customized holiday purchasing experience. By creating unique gift sets that are made especially for them, you can show them how much you care.

Segmenting your clients based on their interests will allow you to send them personalized marketing text messages. Your SMS marketing initiatives will be as pertinent as possible in this manner. Customers will be more engaged because 90% of text messages are read in just two minutes.

Run a similar marketing initiative to highlight products that customers might want to buy for themselves after the holiday gift-giving season is finished. Enable short-trackable links when creating your holiday messages to cut down on characters and save money.

6. Send Late Offers Through SMS

The weeks leading up to Christmas are ideal for marketing to last-minute shoppers. Utilize SMS call-to-actions like “24-hour last-minute sale.” Also, use “last chance delivery” and “extended hours for one day only” to establish your store as the go-to place for this market. Create a sense of urgency so that anxious last-minute customers will notice your goods or store.

7. Christmas SMS Gift Cards

Create an animated SMS gift card that customers can use to send Christmas Day messages to friends and relatives. This is perfect for consumers who want to let loved ones know they are thinking of them even when they haven’t had time to shop. On Christmas Eve, distribute this as a last-minute offer as a rich media message.

8. SMS Coupons

There are a lot of print advertisements, fliers, and mail drops during the holiday shopping season. However, modern consumers search online for deals, offers, and coupons. Send Christmas coupons to customers via SMS.

Customers are significantly more likely to use coupons if they have digital copies that they can store safely on their always-present smartphones.

9. Send Automated SMS Reminders

During a time that is already hectic, worrying about whether their gifts will arrive in time for Christmas can be problematic. Provide customers with automated SMS reminders about order confirmations and shipping updates. This will help to relieve their anxieties.

Another excellent strategy to increase the number of SMS subscribers on your list is to encourage clients to sign up for text reminders.

receiving christmas text message

10. Christmas Competitions

Running a Christmas hamper competition will help you expand your marketing database and gain new opt-ins. Encourage people to enter your competition on your social media pages and e-commerce website by encouraging them to sign up for your SMS list.

Make sure the prize is alluring if you want to gather thousands of new contacts over the holiday season. After that, you can promote your products to the people on this list by following the competition.

This may include Boxing Day sales, new Christmas merchandise, and last-minute discounts. This will help boost sales over the Christmas season. It will also provide you with a database that will aid in the expansion of your company in 2023.

11. Include Open Hours, Christmas Catalogs, and Promotions

Christmas may be a confusing time for customers. This is because store-to-store opening hours are frequently inconsistent. Send consumers an SMS with your Christmas hours to keep them updated.

By providing them a link to your attractively designed Christmas catalog page via SMS, you may increase product awareness.

Customers enjoy finding out about holiday deals and promotions. Make sure to send them all by SMS, the most direct and efficient form of communication.

12. Use SMS to Send Invitations for a Virtual Party

Create a virtual or in-person Christmas party experience. Then ask your most devoted and ideal prospective consumers to join you if you have the funds to do something more extravagant this season.

Send invitations to your physical or digital holiday event with an SMS service. To generate fast text-in RSVP confirmations, enable two-way messaging and event integrations.

13. Send Christmas Celebration Messages to Customers

Sending a text to welcome your consumers will help you launch your Christmas marketing campaign. Of course, you want to persuade people to buy from you or sign up for alerts.

Whether they are buying from you or not, your consumer will feel that you care about them. This is true if you send them a greeting text that lacks a sales-like atmosphere.

Simply being in your customers’ SMS inboxes keeps your brand in the spotlight. This significantly increases consumer brand loyalty. Additionally, the message you convey via text must fit in with the joyful holiday spirit.

With little effort, you can make your audience feel special by adding a personal touch to your Christmas text messaging campaigns. For example, say, “Hey David, Merry Christmas from the XYZ family,” rather than “Wishing you a Merry Christmas from XYZ.”

Wrapping Up Christmas Text Messaging Campaigns

Everyone enjoys receiving exclusive offers, and deadlines inspire people. Combine the two with an alluring holiday promotion that is only available to SMS subscribers. Inform your customers that they can receive special discounts on their preferred products if they act quickly. The Christmas text messaging campaigns discussed in this article will help increase sales during the festive season.

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Published on: 20th December 2022

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