How to Use Text Messaging for Events and Conferences

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There is a use for text messaging in every industry, that’s what experience has taught us. And coordinating an event or a conference is not the easiest to plan. If you are working in the event planning industry, then we highly recommend starting to use text messaging for events and conferences.

Firstly, an event text messaging solution is ideal for sharing communication to large audiences. Not only does SMS for events and conference has a great open rate, but it’s quick to get response rates.

Secondly, you can add ticket value by coordinating large crowds with mass messaging for events or share latest insights and emergency communications.

Now, let’s see how to use text messaging for events and conferences can change your attendance and feedback.

What Can You Do with Text Messaging for Events and Conferences

Annual conferences or events are promoting are opportunities for growth, development, open conversations, active networking, and having fun.

Each conference or event is meant to drive community engagement in different topics. Increasing customer engagement and satisfaction through events is one way to connect with your audience.

There are different stages where communication is key in organizing events and conferences. Most stages are divided between:

  • Pre-event communication
  • During event communication
  • Post-event communication

All stages are important to drive customer engagement and share important information required to:

  • Drive interest and event engagement
  • Help with ticket registration
  • Share emergency communications
  • Send reminders and notifications
  • Gather feedback post-event

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Boost Ticket Registration with Text Messaging

If you are an event organizer, you know how important ticket registrations are to run the event. If registrations are low, it’s more likely that the event won’t happen in the future. To drive engagement and increase interest in your future events, please consider using the following tips:

  • Create outstanding landing pages for your event registration. If the event page doesn’t look appealing or doesn’t have the right information, customers will leave. Attracting people to events is not an easy job. Make sure all the sponsors, speakers, prices, advantages of attending the event, venue and time information are shared on your event page.
  • A live chat option can help users get answers faster. Consider adding this option to your landing page because people always have additional questions that they want their answers to then and there. A live chat doesn’t only offer automated responses to frequently asked questions, but you can also extend the help option to reach out to a live agent.
  • Build an email strategy to drive engagement. Your attendees need nurturing after registering for your event and conference. You can of course achieve that by sending text messaging reminders and updates, but email also works. Stay on top of your attendees’ minds by sending intriguing and valuable information via email. Insights about prospective attendees and attendee guides are some of the few items you can share with your registrants.
  • Collaborate with influencers, speakers, and popular brands. Sponsors and speakers usually promote the event voluntarily. Ask influencers to promote your event on various social media channels. Provide them with the scripts, pictures, and videos to get the most out of the collaboration. You can also give free passes to the event or other incentives to influencers in exchange for event-related vlogs or photos on their socials.

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Send Event Rewards and Incentives with Text Messaging

Sending limited-time offer to potential attendees can boost customer engagement and increase ticket sales to events and conferences.

As part of the pre-event organization, you can consider potential flash sales to increase attendees interest using text messaging.

Text messaging for events and conferences is a great way to connect with your audience directly. By sending promotional messages early, you give your business a boost in traffic and registrations.

Event reminders via SMS messages are also a great way to notify attendees of any changes or updates. If you want to go an extra mile and make your messages even better, consider using rich messages.

Rich content in text messaging such as images, videos, GIFs drive engagement and customer satisfaction. Consider sending short-videos of speakers and their topics prior to the event or use humour by sending interactive GIFs to show excitement.

Benefits of Text Messaging at Conferences and Events

Text messaging is the best way to reach out to your audience quickly and instantly. Most attendees are expecting companies to send them reminders of the upcoming event. Don’t miss out sending information regarding the venue address or the agenda for the event.

Many people think SMS is the most practical forms of messaging because it’s an instant form of communication and it’s cost-effective.

Lastly, we’d like to remind you that one of the greatest forms of feedback on an event can be done via text messaging. You can use simple SMS or rich messages for better attendee engagement. Asking attendees for their honest feedback can help you in the long-run to organize better events and apply customer feedback.

Let’s recap some of the most important benefits of using text messaging for events and conferences:

  • Text messaging has 99% open rate
  • Automate SMS for notifications and updates
  • Allow people to reply back to your text messages
  • Send maps for specific address or the agenda for the event
  • Gather event feedback via mobile surveys
  • Remind attendees of upcoming shows
  • Offer discounted rates on future conferences and events
  • Send payment options via rich messages
  • Increase traffic to website and event pages
  • Streamline operations and customer care efficiently

Wrapping Up

So, I think it’s quite clear that text messaging for events and conferences is a great idea, not only for promotion and reminders, but to drive an effective customer relationship with attendees.

Text messaging keeps everyone in the know for operations. Individuals can give and get directions, ask questions, and ask for help much easier via text. As long as everyone isn’t too busy, they should get faster results as well.

For more tips or a personalized demo, please get in touch with VoiceSage, and we’ll show you how to increase attendance and improve communication with text messaging solutions.

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Published on: 29th November 2022

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